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Cultivate Your Brand without Being a Slave to Your Content

Kate Bradley Chernis Founder & CEO of Lately
Jon Ferrara CEO at Nimble
Thursday, February 13, 2020 10 AM PST / 1 PM EST

Most of us would prefer someone else did our writing for us. However, we all need to be skilled writers in order to effectively communicate with our customers and prospects. In the digital age, the most human brands win.

If you’re interested in learning how to create social media content to build your brand and about the technology that can optimize your workflow, join our CEO Jon Ferrara for this webinar with Kate Bradley Chernis, social media writing expert and the CEO of Lately.

You will learn:

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Kate Bradley Chernis

Founder & CEO of Lately

Founder & CEO of Lately

Kate is the Founder & CEO of Lately, which makes social media writing more efficient and effective by using Artificial Intelligence. As a former marketing agency owner, Kate initially created the idea for Lately out of spreadsheets for then-client, Walmart, and got them a 130% ROI, year-over-year for three years.

Jon Ferrara

CEO at Nimble

CEO at Nimble

Jon is a pioneer & creator of #CRM solutions and noted speaker about Social Media’s effects on Sales and Marketing. His most recent venture is Nimble.com a leading Social Relationship Manager. He has been recognized on Forbes as one of the Top 10 Social Chief Executive Officers, Top 10 Social Salespeople In The World and among the Top 50 Social Business Twitter Accounts You Must Follow.

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