The Latest Webinar is Totally Tweetable

Who: Our latest webinar, Whistle While You Work: Building Your Brand and Nurturing Your Network Everywhere You Work, features the wonderful Viveka von Rosen and our Nimble CEO Jon Ferrara.

Viveka is a LinkedIn expert, international keynote speaker, a Forbes Top 20 Most Influential, Top 25 Social Media Expert and the author of LinkedIn Marketing: An Hour a Day.

She is also the creator and host of #LinkedInChat, the largest Linkedin chat on Twitter. This platform allows salespeople and businesspeople to connect from all over the world to discuss the strength of relationships and your personal brand.

You can get some awesome advice by tweeting Viveka at @LinkedInExpert.

Our CEO Jon Ferrara is the founder of Goldmine (the Salesforce and Outlook of the nineties) and on a bunch of lists such as the Forbes’ Top 10 Social Executive Officers, Top Social Salespeople in the World and the Top 50 Social Business Twitter Accounts You Must Follow.

You can follow him or say hello at @Jon_Ferrara.

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What: Differing from Nimble’s previous webinars, Jon and Viveka bring together Jon’s expertise on social selling with Viveka’s incredible wealth of information on Linkedin networking. Not only do they explore what makes their respective networks large and prosperous, they allow their communities to reach out via Twitter while they are speaking.

When: The webinar already happened, but that doesn’t mean the party’s over. You can watch the video below or hit up Viveka and Jon at their respective Twitter handles. Also, it cannot be said enough that #LinkedInChat is a conversation you need to be participating in whenever you can (if not every week).

Where: Gosh, where doesn’t it go? The webinar explores all the apps you use on the daily: Twitter, Linkedin, Nimble, Nimble’s Smart Contacts App, Gmail and more. This is a great opportunity to see social media integration in action.

Why: Viveka and Jon are evangelists of the power of social media, and they want your business to thrive.

As Jon explains, people in sales need to redefine how they view and reach out to their prospects. Instead of trying to make a sale and move forward, people should use their business to help others grow.

Social media isn’t a platform to talk about yourself or your product; it’s a resource to inspire and educate others while building mutually beneficial, pay-it-forward relationships. By sharing content, giving insights to who you are and creating personal connections with others, you can establish yourself as a trust advisor in your field. In return, people not only look to you for information, but they also want to do business with you.

Developing your network and standing out are essential values that drive why and how Nimble was created. Nimble is the CRM tool that will further your reach while keeping you organized and sane, and #LinkedInChat provides all the invaluable information you need to network intelligently. Help yourself get started or pick up some tips by checking out what Jon and Viveka have to say.

Here you go:


Whistle While You Work In LinkedIn and Beyond from Nimble Marketing on Vimeo.

Header Picture courtesy of a Flickr user Charisma Jonesford. (CC BY-SA 2.0)