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  • Microsoft 365 & Google Workspace Integration
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Nimble has made a significant impact on our sales efforts. We we were able to identify and engage with potential leads more effectively and it’s resulted in increased conversions and revenue growth.
Kurt Daradics

Kurt Daradics

Co-Founder & General Partner

Realworld Asset Group

Nimble has generated a couple of thousands of dollars worth of work in the first two weeks of using it simply by reminding me and prompting me to engagement opportunities.
Marc Scott

Marc Scott

Voice Actor

VO Business & Marketing Coach

Nimble is the tool that I have been using for years to automate my business. Nimble Prospector works where I work and allows me to tag and add contacts without having to do any data entry.
Amanda Robinson

Amanda Robinson


The Digital Gal

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Frequently Asked Questions

What counts as a contact in Nimble?
A contact is any named company or person record in your Nimble database.
How does the free trial work?
Your free trial lasts for 14 days and there is no credit card required. You may try Nimble with up to 5 licenses during your trial period.
How do I purchase Nimble?
After your free trial ends, you will be billed based on the number licenses on your account. Nimble is a recurring monthly subscription and you may cancel anytime. We also offer annual plans over 15% discount for your entire account. Additional upgrades or licenses will be billed on a pro-rated basis.
When am I billed for user licenses?
Nimble's pricing is based on the number of licenses you have on your account. You will be billed at the time you add a license to your Nimble account Learn more.
When am I billed for storage and how is it calculated?
Each team member will have 2GB of storage. If you or a team member reaches this limit, you will be prompted to upgrade to add storage in 10GB increments at $10 per month. This bill is applied on a prorated basis for the remainder of the current billing cycle, and you will be billed the full amount at the start of the next billing cycle
What’s a Solution Partner?
Nimble works with Solution Partners to provide a full spectrum of small business solutions. You may have been referred to Nimble via a partner, and their name will appear on the billing page in your account.
Have another question?
Our Nimble Customer Care team is always happy to help you with any additional questions you might have. Send us a note at [email protected] and we will be in touch!

The CRM You Will Actually Love Using.

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Immediate access. No credit card required.

Relationship Management

Contact Management

Manage business processes across departments in graphical boards or list views. Save time by using automations. Workflows & Automations new


Segment your database into smaller batches for proper nurturing. Save searches for quick access. Segmentation & Saved Segments

Unify multiple emails, calendars, and all your contacts into one easy to use solution. Microsoft & Google Integration

Email, Calendar, Contact Sync

Create notes and follow-up reminders that will send notifications directly to your Inbox and on your mobile device. Tasks can also be delegated to another team member. Tasks & Notes

Set a time interval for when you would like to keep in touch with your important contacts. Select weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly, or custom reminders. Stay in Touch Reminder

Log calls and create events from inside of Nimble, straight from your inbox and mobile, & anywhere else on the web via Nimble Prospector. Calls & Events

Create custom fields to track unique information about your leads and customers. Use filed types such as: select box, short/long text, true/false flag, date field, number, etc. Custom Fields


Apply tags to quickly group your contacts for easy organizationa and access. Tags


Attach files to contact records from OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox or from your computer. File Attachments

Create permission groups and quickly set who on your team will have access to certain features. Contact Privacy Permissions

Upgrades available: $10 per month for an additional 10,000 contacts. Contacts

25,000 Contact Records

Storage includes all messages, activities, and deals. Upgrades available at a cost of $10 per month for an additional 10 GB of storage. Storage

2GB per user

Social Profile Matching & Enrichment

Nimble builds live contact records in seconds enriching them with business and social details. Contact Auto-Enrichment

Nimble saves you time by matching social profiles for your contacts and companies. Social Profile Matching

Easily discover the email, phone number, social profile, locations, & additional URLs for your leads and customers. Business Insights Capture

25 Credits/user/month

Browser & Email Extensions

Nimble Prospector is an extension for all the major browser that allows you to quickly create and edit contact records straight from your inbox and anywhere on the web. Hover over any name on the internet and save time on research and data entry. Nimble Prospector

Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge

Create new and edit existing records without ever leaving your inbox. Schedule meetings, create tasks for yourself and your team, find important contact info, and much more. Email Extensions

Outlook, Gmail

Agenda & Activities

Easily view a table of your own or your team's activities including Tasks, Events, and Calls that are upcoming, completed, and delegated. Individual & Team Activity Tracking

Tasks, Events, Calls

Assign tasks to other members of your team to ensure nothing falls through the cracks. Team Collaboration

Today Page

Each team member can customize their Today Page with personal cover photo. Customizable Dashboard

Each team member gets to completely customize their Today Page with widgets such as: Calendar, Events, Tasks, Email Tracking, Revenue Forecast, and many more. Custom Widgets


Sales, Pipelines, Reporting


Simply hover over any name anywhere on the internet and Nimble will create rich contact records to save you time on research and data entry. Nimble Prospector

Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge

Declutter your deal pipeline and properly qualify leads and then turn them into deals with one click. Lead Qualification

Unlimited Lead Pipelines

Pipeline Management

Empower your sales team with multiple customizable pipelines. Customize your deal cards by attaching tags, contacts, custom fields & groups and change currencies as needed. Customizable Pipelines

Unlimited Pipelines

Pick from existing and/or customize templates specific to your business. Utilize templates for industries such as Insurance, Real Estate, Automobile, Business Consulting, Financial Services, Legal Services, Non-Profit Fundraising, and Mortgage Brokers. Vertical Industry Pipeline Templates

Easily move your deals through the pipeline by simply dragging them to the next stage. Drag-and-Drop Kanban Board View

Prefer viewing your deals in a list view? No problem! Nimble's in-line editing makes it easy to change or update any information about your contacts. List View & In-line Editing

Choose any existing or custom fields to be displayed on your deal cards. No more wasted time on looking for important info. Customizable Deal Cards

Create custom groups & fields to properly organize the specific information about your leads and customers. Custom Groups & Fields

Easily pull the info from deals into insightful visuals such as bar charts, donuts and tables that delivers results on conversion rate, deals won and lost over time, revenue forecast, and much more. Reports

Individual & Team Reports

Account administrators may delegate privacy rights to specific team members such as: view and edit all deals, view own deals, view all deals. Team Permissions

Prospect Marketing & Outreach

Easily generate leads and capture important information about your inbound leads.
Test up to 10 web forms for free for 30 days and then for $12 month per team.
Web Forms NEW


Outreach to selected groups of contacts and use merge tags like first name, last name, company name, & any existing and/or custom fields to personalize your outreaches. 100 message per day per user included on the Nimble Business plan.

Upgrades available:
200 user/day for extra $10
300 user/day for extra $20
Group Messages

See how many recipients have opened your message or interacted with a link within the outreach. Easily send follow ups to those that have not yet read your message. Group Messages Tracking & Reports

Create email templates and share with your team to save time on retyping the same messages over and over again. Templates are available for both individual and group messages. Email Templates


Track all individually sent messages and get notified on the clicks and opens. Individual Email Open & Click Tracking


Create multiple workflows to track repeatable business processes across departments. Customizable Workflows new


Unlimited Workflows

Save time when creating workflows and utilize customizable templates such as for hiring, influencer marketing/PR, fundraising, professional network building, etc. Vertical Industry Templates

Easily move your contacts through the defined workflows board by simply dragging them to the next stage. Drag-and-Drop Kanband Board View

Prefer viewing your contact's and their info in a list view? No problem! Nimble's in-line editing makes it easy to change or update any information about your contacts. List View & In-line Editing

Choose any existing or custom fields to be displayed on your Workflows cards. No more wasted time on looking for important info. Customizable Workflows Cards

Create custom groups & fields to properly organize the specific information about your leads and customers. Custom Groups & Fields

With Workflow privacy, you can set certain permissions to ensure only certain team members can alter boards and stages. Team Permissions

Workflows Automation new

Create trigger to increase efficiency when using Workflows such as creating an activity, sending a message, creating notes, sending mobile or browser notifications, or assigning a tag. Action-Based Triggers

Works Everywhere

Microsoft 365 Integration

Create a two-way sync between your Nimble account and Microsoft 365. Choose a daily, weekly, or biweekly sync. You can also manually force a sync when needed. Microsoft 365 Contact Sync

Automatic 2-Way Sync

Connect multiple email accounts to track communication with your most important customers and prospects. The entire history of communications will be available inside of Nimble as well as in Nimble Prospector. Outlook Sync

Sync your Outlook Calendar events to and from Nimble with ease. Outlook Calendar Sync

Nimble integrates with Microsoft Teams to provide a shared view of every customer to streamline collaborations. Prepare before meetings, log details during calls, and follow-up after with Nimble’s add-in for MS Teams. Microsoft Teams Integration

Upload files from OneDrive directly to Nimble Contacts and Deals. OneDrive Integration

Create new and update existing contact records directly from your Microsoft 365 Outlook inbox! Once the Outlook add-in is installed, it will plug into Outlook desktop, browser, and also the native Outlook mobile app. Outlook Add-in

Using the Outlook mobile app? Install the Nimble add-in and easily access all your Nimble data. Outlook Mobile Add-in

Google Workspace Integration

Choose whether you want to sync your Google Contacts once or weekly. You can always change it later in your settings. Google Contacts Sync

1-Way Sync

Easily connect multiple email accounts to view the history of interactions with all your leads and customers inside of Nimble or in Nimble Prospector. Gmail Sync

Nimble features full two-way syncing with multiple Google Calendars. Google Calendar Sync

Upload files from Google Drive directly to Nimble Contacts and Deals. Google Drive Integration

Integrate Nimble into your Gmail inbox. Quickly add contacts from emails, create reminders and tasks, and send tracked emails without leaving your inbox. Gmail Add-on

Apple Mail Integration

Easily connect your Apple Mail account to Nimble via IMAP. Apple Mail Integration


Extend the power of Nimble with over 100+ Integration Partners offering lead capture and analytics, email marketing support and more. App Integration Partners

100 + Integration Partners

Easily connect Nimble with all your favorite apps via Zapier. Zapier Integration

120 + App Integrations

Create custom integrations that seamlessly interact with Nimble. API Access

Mobile Apps

The Nimble iOS App offers visibility into contact details, activities, deals, and follow-up reminders and gives you the ability to log important contact data. iOS

The Nimble App for Android amplifies your workflow by giving you visibility into contact details, activities, deals, and follow-up reminders. Android

Customer Support

Our skilled customer success team is happy to answer all your questions and help you get proficient with Nimble. Online & Email Support

The Nimble Support Forum offers 100+ detailed articles with videos. Comprehensive Support Center

Join our team for our daily live Q&A sessions and get all your questions answered in real time. Daily Live Q&A Sessions

Our team offers weekly training webinars with live Q&As. Weekly Training Webinars

We offer 1:1 consultations and training calls to help you get started and answer all your questions. Free 1:1 Calls