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The simple, smart CRM that moves your business forward

Nimble is the CRM platform Office 365 users trust to find prospects, nurture relationships, and close more deals.

Immediate access. No credit card required.

Tie it all together

Never lose a contact again by unifying your Office 365 contacts, emails, calendars, and social media networks under one roof. No more digging through inboxes or Excel sheets to find crucial customer data.

Built for Office 365 + more

Office 365 users use Nimble as a powerful relationship manager. Watch the video to learn more.

You Live in Outlook. So Does Nimble.

Access all of your contacts directly within Outlook desktop, Outlook mobile and Office 365. Catch up on your relationship history, send personalized follow-ups, and assign follow-up tasks without ever leaving your Inbox.

Prospect smarter, faster, better…

Use Nimble’s browser widget on any website, social platform, or cloud applications to learn more about your customers and prospects. Quickly locate their email address, job title, and phone number and save them into your contacts with a few clicks.

Build authentic relationships

Nimble automatically enriches your contacts with matched social profiles and business and social insights so you can engage in a personal way with your prospects and customers.

Work as a team

Customers and prospects expect everyone on your team to be in the loop, to know whom they last spoke with, what their questions were, and what needs to be done next. Nimble empowers team to communicate personally and effectively, every time.

Anywhere you need it

Find out everything you need to know about your contacts while you’re working inside Microsoft Office 365, Teams, Skype, Edge, Dynamics 365 and more than 140+ SaaS business Apps.

Stay fully connected

Nimble’s mobile app gives you everything you need to keep your business moving. Access your contacts and conversations, manage your deals, research new prospects, send templated, trackable emails and much more, all on the go.

Thousands of teams love Nimble

“We’re communicating to smaller, more defined groups of prospects, personalizing content and communications with the details we have in our small business and social-friendly Nimble CRM.”

Mike Wittenstein

Managing Partner of CX consultancy StoryMiners

“Having the intelligence on prospects and knowing whether they are already using outside agencies or have an internal recruiting team has really enhanced our sales team’s ability to pitch our recruiting services.”

Oliver Deng

Founder & CEO of headhuntr.io