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Nimble is a Social Sales and Marketing CRM that lets you turn business connections into relationships that drive results, everywhere you work.


Are you tired of managing relationships in your inbox & spreadsheets?

Nimble is the first Social Sales and Marketing CRM that works for you everywhere you engage: inside Office 365, Outlook, Microsoft Teams, and Dynamics CRM. It builds your CRM for you by connecting your team’s Office 365 contacts, emails and calendars into a unified relationship manager enriched with the business insights you need to effectively engage.

ABOUT NIMBLE – Nimble helps people make authentic connections and nurture relationships across multiple Microsoft platforms and social networks. It combines the power of enterprise CRM, contact management and social media into a simple and smart CRM. Nimble was founded by Jon Ferrara, the co-founder of GoldMine, a pioneer of Sales Force Automation, CRM and Marketing Automation.

Integrates with Microsoft:

  • Office 365
  • Outlook PC/Mac
  • Outlook Mobile (iOS)
  • Dynamics CRM
  • Skype
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Edge

Key Features:

  • Seamless Outlook & Office 365 integration
  • Simple Sales & Marketing Automation
  • Social Business Insights on People & Companies
  • Works in MS Apps on Desktop and Web, Social Network Sites, and Outlook on Mobile

Target Customers:

  • Technology
  • Real Estate
  • Financial Services
  • Professional Services
  • Consulting Services

Grow Your Business Faster with Nimble

Nimble Unifies Office 365 into a Sales and Marketing CRM

The problem with Office 365 is that critical business information is often stored in individual contacts, emails and calendars, making it all but impossible for teams and individuals to gain insights needed to engage authentically with contacts. Nimble unifies your team’s Office 365 and Outlook contacts, email, calendar and social history into a powerful relationship manager for everyone on your team.

Everything You Need in a CRM for Office 365

Get the key benefits of a high-end CRM without the high cost or complexity. Nimble provides simple contact management, marketing automation, social sales insights on contacts and companies and social listening and engagement in a Web and SaaS-based platform that builds itself as you work. Nimble is available in two versions: a free Nimble Smart Contacts Add-in for individuals and Nimble Business edition, which introduces team features and costs $25 per user per month.

Social Business Insights on People and Companies

Regardless of whether you’re working in your Office 365 inbox, Outlook desktop or Mobile; browsing the web or using Web Applications like Dynamics, Skype or Teams, Nimble lets you know who your contacts are, where they work, how they’ve previously engaged with you and your colleagues, and what they’re discussing socially. Nimble also provides company details including number of employees, revenue, industry, location and more.

Smarter Prospecting in Outlook

Nimble delivers context and insights from Office 365 and Outlook so you can spend less time researching context and more time on meaningful outreach directly from email, calendar appointments, and on mobile devices as well as on multiple social networks.

Send Group Messages to Office 365 Contacts

Our Group Messaging feature lets you send personalized group emails with tracking, analytics and reporting from your Office 365 email accounts. Each outreach appears as a sincere one-to-one conversation rather than a mass email blast, increasing your chances of opens and clicks.

What Our Customers Are Saying


Koka Sexton

Social Selling Pioner

I'm hooked on Nimble's Social Selling CRM. I'm excited to use it everyday, how many people can honestly say that about their CRM?


Bryan Kramer

CEO, Purematter Digital Agency

Simply put, I can't work without Nimble. It's with me everywhere I go, and there every time I need it.

Are you a Microsoft Reseller or Partner?

Nimble Has An Exciting Business Opportunity for Microsoft Partners to Grow Their Business

Nimble has worked diligently with Microsoft to provide meaningful interoperability between Microsoft cloud productivity solutions products — Office 365, Outlook PC/Mac/Mobile, Skype, Dynamics CRM, Edge and Teams — and our easy to use cloud-based Social Sales and Marketing CRM platform.

In doing so, Nimble eliminates the limitations posed by traditional, manual sales and marketing processes used by small and midsized companies. Our accomplishments have earned Nimble the coveted status of Microsoft Gold-Certified Partner.

Nimble enables Microsoft Partners to extend the value of Microsoft applications to your customers. In addition, Nimble is a great first CRM step for Microsoft Partners and customers to experience the power of CRM and provide an onramp for migration to Dynamics CRM as their needs and sophistication grow.

We are looking for the best, brightest and most innovative Microsoft partners to join us on our mission to bring affordable, easy to use CRM tools to small businesses, and sales teams and work groups in larger organizations. Now is the time to build your foundational expertise in Nimble, leverage our Microsoft integrations for your customers, and to grow your Nimble practice with us as we continue to invest and expand our feature set in new and innovative ways. Nimble will provide you with all of the tools, technology, training, and support you need to make your business even more successful.

Request to Become A Partner Today! Nimble offers Affiliate Partner, Value Added Reseller/Implementation Partner, and Distribution Partner opportunities. We will follow up with you to review your qualifications, answer questions, and work with you thru the steps to become a Partner with the CRM application that people love to use so much that it is rated #1 in CRM Value, #1 CRM in Customer Satisfaction, and a CRM Market Leader 3 years in a row by G2 Crowd, the world’s leading business software review platform.