Having a CRM system for a personal injury lawyer is a default setting for many practices in the USA and worldwide. But choosing a system that is right for your legal practice may take some investigation.

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Let's see what matters when it comes to choosing legal CRM.

Nimble can’t be a fully-fledged substitute for case management software in a big personal injury practice with hundreds of cases per year. But it will definitely complement such a legal-specific system with the features, that only a universal Customer Relations Management technology can have.
Nimble is one of the best solutions for small businesses ranking #3 on Capterra. Its extensive set of features helped 140K+ clients in various niches optimize every client-related process and grow business.

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What Legal Software Do Personal Injury Lawyers Use?

Overall, 2 main types of tech solutions can be used by an injury practice:

  • Legal-specific tech & applications
  • Universal tech & apps [marketing, email, sales, HR, general CRM]

When it comes to the systems designed specifically for the legal industry, they are often referred to as:

  • Legal practice management software
  • Case management software
  • Legal CRM solutions

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Why legal companies specifically use a CRM System?

The universal, multi-industry CRM systems are widely used by legal companies specifically in such cases:

  • Small practices prefer universal CRM solutions, like Nimble for versatility, customization, low cost, and user-friendly interface, and use it as the only tool to manage clients' data.
  • Bigger companies find the marketing, communication, tracking, and reporting functions far superior to those of the legal-specific solutions and use them as an addition to legal apps.

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Why Personal Injury Lawyers Need CRM

CRM for a personal injury firm is quite a necessity nowadays:

  • To plan & coordinate the work of the office & all team members
  • To maintain client data securely for easy reach, on-the-go communication, reporting
  • To template major documents, store and provide access to all team members & newcomers for fast onboarding
  • To decrease the window from the moment of inception until the time of appeal.
  • To increase the winning case ratio through optimization of all processes, proper timely documentation, and filing, communication of all stakeholders.

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Top Nimble features, the personal injury CRM:
Manage And Cultivate Leads

The system is created for all industries, so usability is at the core of its design. Nimble literally builds itself for users. Nimble Marketing suite of functions is one of the most powerful features. Work with prospects by scheduling meetings, creating group-emails, assigning tasks to team members.

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Increase Profitability

Saving costs is easy in the Nimble: store your suppliers data, organize tenders with top selected providers of services, monitor staffing levels, schedule back-to-back client meetings.

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Analyze Meaningful Metrics

Big Data is here. It is the future, but for many advanced companies, it is the present too. Anything can be a data point in your report due to the tagging and segmentation function.
Drill down into your analytics. Go as granular as you need to understand the trends. Combine multiple metrics in your report to ascertain your winning formula. Optimize based on results.

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Start With Nimble CRM

CRM for personal injury lawyers will help your practice bring more money in damage claims to your clients and ultimately ensure your own upward curve in the bottom line.
Try Nimble software for personal injury attorneys absolutely free for 2 weeks. No credit card required. See how quickly & effortlessly you can start saving your time, optimizing your legal routines, win more cases for clients.

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