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How to Use the Principles of Psychology and Persuasion in Your Sales Motion

Anita Nielsen Sales Sensei & President | LDK Advisory Services
Michaela Underdahl Marketing Lead | Nimble
Jon Ferrara CEO at Nimble | Founder of GoldMine
Thur, August 26, 2021 10am PDT/1pm EDT

As buyers and robots continue to gain power, it’s easy to feel beaten down in a world where customers no longer seem to need a salesperson.

In this webinar, best-selling author and sales sensei Anita Nielsen will share some insight from her book, Beat the Bots - How Your Humanity can Future-Proof Your Tech Sales Career

Beat the Bots is about using your humanity to differentiate yourself in sales. Sales is a human-to-human (H2H) endeavor so sales pros that master using key principles of human psychology and persuasion not only differentiate, they consistently win bigger, better, and more.

You will learn:

Anita Nielsen

Sales Sensei & President | LDK Advisory Services

Sales Sensei & President | LDK Advisory Services

Anita Nielsen is a best-selling author and sales performance coach with over 20 years of cross-industry experience in B2B sales and sales enablement. Anita serves senior executives and sales leaders by implementing powerful sales enablement programs and leveling up their sales teams to drive profitable growth. Anita’s Psyched2Sell masterclass teaches sales professionals key principles of psychology and persuasion that help buyers make a decision in the sales pro’s favor and turn them into customers for life.

Michaela Underdahl

Marketing Lead | Nimble

Marketing Lead | Nimble

Michaela heads up marketing at Nimble, a leading provider of simple, smart CRM for small business teams using Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace. Nimble combines the strength of traditional CRM, classic contact management, social media, sales intelligence, pipeline management, and marketing automation into one powerful relationship manager that delivers valuable company and contact insights – everywhere you work. Michaela is passionate about nurturing and growing Nimble’s community and teaching people how to become more productive and successful by using a CRM.

Jon Ferrara

CEO at Nimble | Founder of GoldMine

CEO at Nimble | Founder of GoldMine

Jon is a SaaS entrepreneur and a CRM pioneer. He’s mostly known for founding one of the first CRMs, GoldMine. After selling his first company and retiring for 10 years, he decided to get back in the business because he saw that contact management was broken with no CRMs offering business owners an entire view into the relationships with their customers. He founded Nimble, an easy-to-use CRM that works for you everywhere you work. Jon often speaks about social media’s effects on sales and marketing, and growing businesses by utilizing community building, PR, guerilla marketing, and influencer marketing.

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