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Make More Money with AppSmart’s CRM and Marketing Bundle

Brad Banyas CEO | 366.io
Van Murray CEO | AppSmart
Jon Ferrara CEO at Nimble | Founder of GoldMine
October 10, 2019 10 am PDT / 1 pm EDT

Are you struggling to keep up with all of the touchpoints you need to hit within your pipeline?

It’s more important than ever to stay top of mind with your customers and leads. That’s why Nimble, the simple smart CRM for Office 365, has teamed up with marketing automation platform 366 Degrees to amplify your communication efforts at scale.

You will learn how to:

Brad Banyas

CEO | 366.io

CEO | 366.io

Brad is the Co-founder and Partner at 366 Degrees.366 Degrees, a Software as a Service (SaaS) Platform centered around Relationship Marketing and Sales outreach to help small to mid-size enterprises better engage across the customer life-cycle. Brad is interested in CRM, Marketing and Sales enablement solutions that impact the way our partners and customers go to market to win, retain and grow their customer base.

Van Murray

CEO | AppSmart

CEO | AppSmart

Van is the Founder and Co-CEO at AppSmart, a managed cloud services company featuring thousands of the products you know, trust, and depend on. AppSmart’s tightly integrated cloud ecosystem brings together top solutions, the most trusted affiliates, and their team of Cloud Success Specialists to globally enable and support organizations in obtaining desired business outcomes.

Jon Ferrara

CEO at Nimble | Founder of GoldMine

CEO at Nimble | Founder of GoldMine

Jon is a pioneer and creator of CRM solutions, and noted speaker on topics such as Social Media’s effects on sales and marketing. Jon’s most recent venture is Nimble, a leading Social Sales and Marketing CRM. He’s been recognized on Forbes as one of the Top 10 Social CEOs, Top 10 Social Salespeople in The World and among the Top 50 Social Business Twitter Accounts You Must Follow.

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