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Nimble Contacts View
Nimble Contacts View
Nimble Product Walkthrough
Nimble Product Walkthrough


Tim is starting a new sales job next week. He’s been selling for a while, but this job involves a lot more customers and prospects. In addition, he's never called on senior-level decision makers before. How can he use Nimble in the next 90 days to help him get off to a jump-start in his new position?

Tim knows that the breadth and strength of his professional relationships determine his Professional Net Worth.

Here’s what Nimble can do for him:

  • Accurately monitor and manage all business opportunities so he can be better at selling—closing more deals in less time.
  • Easily import leads, create campaigns, measure marketing spend, and analyze the impact of every marketing program from lead capture to deal completion through third-party apps.
  • Connect team members to deals and sales tasks, track leads and sales pipeline, and accurately forecast revenue.
  • Grow and develop social media connections into opportunities and into sales.
  • With Nimble’s Deals feature, effectively manage, grow, and focus on the relationships and sales opportunities that are important to him—the ones that will lead to increased revenue.
  • Create a full closed-loop marketing system through integrations with Wufoo and HubSpot.
  • Import Nimble contacts into ActiveCampaign and MailChimp and create direct email marketing campaigns to the right people. Manage sales strategically on email platforms (and with preferred worktools from the Nimble Apps Marketplace).
  • Nurture and strengthen relationships—it's the way business is done now

“Social selling takes you on a different kind of journey. Your customers don't exist as isolated collections of entries in contact records. In fact, you don't even think of them as 'contacts' whose existence can be summed up in a series of fields on a screen. Rather, you're in a dynamic, constantly-evolving relationship with them. You're learning about their pain points and their passions, just as you share yours with them, and you're discovering all of this in real time.”

Jon Ferrara, Founder and CEO