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Boost Outbound Sales
with Nimble & PhoneBurner

Accelerate outbound sales effectiveness and streamline CRM
usage with the power of Nimble and PhoneBurner power dialer.

Immediate access. No credit card required.

How Do Nimble CRM and PhoneBurner Work Together?

Nimble and PhoneBurner enable you to power through your call list 3-4x faster while automating time-consuming

tasks like creating outreach target lists, logging calls, leaving pre-recorded voicemails, scheduling follow-ups,

and advancing contacts through different Workflow stages.

Prospecting & Call List Creation

Accelerate Prospecting &
Call List Creation

Automatically grab and enrich leads from LinkedIn and build call lists in seconds. Utilize the robust segmentation feature of Nimble to create highly targeted outreach lists.

Power Dialer With CRM Integration

Power Dial 3-4x Times Faster

Reach up to 80 contacts per hour straight from the Nimble interface. Use custom scripts and leave pre-recorded voicemails.

Automatic Data Logging

Data Entry Processes

Streamline repetitive, time-consuming tasks to maximize live talk time. Drastically cut the time required to log outcomes, record calls, leave messages, and schedule the next steps.

Custom Field Sync

Stay in Sync Between
Nimble & PhoneBurner

Contacts are synced including custom data fields. PhoneBurner calls are automatically synced to Nimble including call recordings, outcome status, next steps, and field changes.

Sales Workflow Automation

Automate Workflow
Lead Qualification & Deal Pipelines

Contacts are seamlessly moved through sales stages without manual input, based on sales call outcomes.

The Nimble and PhoneBurner integration speeds up our sales flow and significantly increases our productivity. We can now spend more time talking to prospects instead because all our calls are automatically logged in Nimble.

Jim Duffy

President at The Litigation Connection LLC

The CRM You Will Actually Love Using

Immediate access. No credit card required.