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The Simple, Smart CRM for Google Workspace

Nimble transforms your Gmail into a powerful CRM by delivering business insights, contact history, and task management, all without leaving your inbox.

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Live in your inbox? So does Nimble.

Nimble’s add-in for Google Workspace and Gmail provides you with the people and company insights you need to take action -- right from your inbox.

You can also update contacts, manage deals, send trackable templated emails, and manage deals. No more tab surfing.

Imagine a CRM that builds itself from your Google Workspace data

Nimble works for you by automatically creating enriched contact records with the business and social insights you need to take action. It also combines your Google Workspace and Gmail contacts, communication histories, inboxes, and calendar appointments with your favorite SaaS business app contacts and social media connections (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook) into one unified relationship manager.

Everything you need in a CRM

Nimble delivers everything you need in a relationship manager without the cost and complexity of enterprise CRMs. It delivers actionable intelligence, team contact management, templated email tracking, and pipeline management.

Enjoy instant insights on people and companies

All you need is a name, email address, or social handle and Nimble will automatically build an enriched contact record. Find out who your key contacts are and what their businesses are about. Nimble delivers emails, locations, and phone numbers to help you build better relationships.

Take a tour of an enhanced Nimble contact record.

Engage intelligently everywhere you work

Nimble not only works with Google Workspace, it also works with your existing enterprise CRM by unifying your contacts across all platforms. Access enriched contact records everywhere you engage with customers and teams -- including your Google Workspace inbox (mobile and desktop), contacts, social platforms, +your favorite SaaS business apps, calendars, and Chrome browser.

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Relationship management for teams

Nimble empowers your company to collaborate as a team with prospects and customers to grow your business. It’s ideal for individuals and teams transitioning from managing contacts and sales pipelines within spreadsheets, email, or on scattered sticky notes.

Seamlessly integrates with your favorite Google Workspace apps

Nimble delivers people and company insights and communication histories everywhere you engage.



Sync your Gmail inbox to Nimble in order to send trackable email templates at scale, access business and contact insights, and track communication histories.



Nimble features full two-way syncing with multiple Google Calendars. Manage your events and review social and business insights before any meeting.



Add, update, and engage key contacts everywhere you work ‐ on the web, mobile, within your inbox, and more.



Highlight a name in a Google Doc to identify if a prospect is within your Nimble database. Add contacts in a matter of clicks. Also available for Sheets, Calendar, and Chrome.



Spend less time building data entry and more time building relationships. Upload files from Google Drive directly to Nimble contacts and deals.



Nimble amplifies your workflow by giving you visibility into social signals, business insights, and deal management -- all without having to switch browser tabs.

Data Enrichment

Nimble automatically locates and updates contacts with information including: phone numbers, email addresses, social sites, company insights, and more.

Thousands of business teams love us.

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I love Nimble’s friendly user interface and features. Someone really took the effort to step into my shoes and understand my needs to develop a solution that helps me do my job more effectively and efficiently.

– Magdalena Urbaniak

Brand Manager, Brand24