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Turn Relationships Into Revenue

Prospect Better, Smarter, Faster with Nimble.



Discover & Qualify Prospects

Your contact data comes from all over and it’s tough to keep everything up to date. Our Enrichment Credits use AI to complete and update contacts with the latest email, phone number, location, title and company. Enrichment Credits are available in our Nimble Prospector App. Read More


Accelerate Lead Qualification and Conversions

Streamline your lead qualification process by creating a separate, visually appealing Kanban board for all identified leads. Declutter your deal pipeline and ensure that no lead falls through the cracks. Turn qualified leads into deals with a click of a button. Read More



Intelligent Email Tracking

Send one-on-one templated emails from Nimble, Gmail and from anywhere on the web via Nimble Prospector browser extension. See desktop notifications and detailed analytics on the number of times a contact has opened or clicked on your message without leaving your Gmail inbox. Read More

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Pipeline Management

Empower your sales team with multiple customizable pipelines. Nimble automatically ties your team’s tasks, events, and communications to each deal to ensure everyone is on the same page. Customize your deal cards by attaching tags, contacts, custom fields & groups and change currencies as needed. Nimble will also automatically update the probability of closing each deal as it moves through each stage. Read More


Sales Forecasting & Analytics

Nimble’s Reports will provide you with everything you need to successfully generate in-depth reports and make better business decisions. Advanced Deal reporting analytics enable management to track sales performance with ease. Nimble’s multiple custom dashboards, variety of in-depth reports, and comprehensive team reports as well as in-depth individual reports enable you to tailor processes to your business needs. Read More



Group Email Marketing & Templates

Our Group Messaging enables you to send personalized group emails with tracking, analytics and reporting from your personal business email identity, not a generic marketing alias. This ensures that all your outreach appears as a sincere one-to-one conversation rather than a mass email blast, resulting in better opens and clicks. Read More

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Relationship Management


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