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With over 3,2 million people employed in the cleaning industry in the US alone and janitorial services reaching a whopping $61 billion in 2019, the demand for cleaning business software is high and rising. What house cleaning CRM software is out there? What features can help your business grow faster? Is a Universal CRM a must-have for bigger cleaning companies? How can Nimble CRM help optimize the non-revenue-making routines, so you can concentrate on what matters: cleaning and marketing.

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What cleaning software is there?

There is niche-specific software as well as universal CRMs, that are widely employed in the industry.
When it comes to technology, that is residential cleaning software, specifically engineered for the industry, the below tech is used:
- Service Dispatch Software
- Facility Management Software
- Janitorial Software
- Carpet Cleaning Software
- House cleaning business apps

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These would usually have modules:

- Dispatch management / Job management
- Work order management
- Invoicing & reconciliation
- Scheduling
- Service history tracking
- Routine
- Timesheets with the clock in, clock out options
- Automated reminders

But many of these solutions, like Hubstaff, ZenMaid, Service CRM are quite limited in function when it comes to marketing functionalities, like lead generation and prospecting. This is where universal CRMs can complement maid service software with extensive sales and marketing modules. Nimble CRM with 140K users across all business niches has gotten into Capterra top 3 of CRM solutions for many reasons, especially for being the tool to drive sales and client bas

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Why House Cleaning Businesses Need CRM

Paperwork can be overwhelming: invoicing, contracts, timesheets, billing reconciliations, purchasing all take up hours of valuable time, that eat into your business development and scaling missions. CRM software for cleaning companies helps significantly reduce all the documentation-related chores, bring order to scheduling & invoicing, optimize client communication, so you can focus on what drives you ahead of your competition.

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Nimble CRM Features to Drive your Cleaning Business Hassle-Free Scheduling

You will love scheduling. True story. Turning the most hideous routine into the favorite of processes. Calendar integration and Zapier compatibility make the data flow seamlessly between technological solutions.

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Organize Your Team & Assign Tasks

Once you create an assignment in the task panel following a call with your client, assign it to the field engineer, who will be immediately notified about the new task.

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Send Feedback or Review Requests

In the era of social proof, reviews are a booster that keeps giving. The impact of a positive review is basically exponential. It has a cumulative power. Ensure your clients get a chance to drop a quick 1-2 sentence appraisal of your job – so that your potential clients convert better.

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Try Nimble CRM Free With Just Email Address

House cleaning business software offering is ample, true. But universal Nimble CRM has been used by hundreds & thousands of cleaning businesses across the Globe. Smaller operations use it as a sole CRM supplier and bigger ones opt for Nimble for its extensive marketing suite and customizability. You can see how great the system is for yourself with no string attached. Enjoy this 2 week trial without a credit card. Stop filling out papers, start growing your market share.

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