Management, financial accounting, cash register, inventory control, automation, messengers, communications, and analytics in a single CRM for an aesthetic clinic.

Immediate access. No credit card required.

Manage your aesthetics clinic with ease

Is a supervisor missing from the clinic and all the work immediately suffering? Set up a system to effectively manage and control operational tasks online. Now you can get any report (on finances, sales, visits, stock operations, etc.) or set tasks in seconds from any computer, tablet, or smartphone. All you need is Internet access.

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Why do aesthetics clinics need a sales CRM?

With Nimble CRM for aesthetics clinics, you save time and reduce the possibility of fraud or mistakes. Automate routine workflows and tasks. Free up more time for essential tasks where employee involvement is vital. Appointment reminders, birthday greetings, promotional mailings - these and many other tasks will be completed just in time, and your employees will not waste even a minute on them!

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Increase Loyalty

Nimble CRM for aesthetics clinics allows you to collect, store, and easily work with individual client data later. Visit and purchase history, preference statistics, groups, and statuses - all the necessary information in a personal card is instantly available when working with a client. Improve the QoS, make personalized offers to customers, and provide a personalized approach, not in words, but in deeds!

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Attract more clients

With deep multidimensional analytics and an understanding of your client's needs and habits, you will significantly increase the efficiency of any marketing activities. With Nimble CRM for aesthetic clinics, you can build a system to attract and retain customers, and develop promotions and bonus programs.

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Control your schedule

The appointment log is designed to meet the needs and specifics of the work processes of the aesthetic clinic. With Nimble CRM schedule and load, management is simplified many times over, and the number of employee errors is reduced to zero. Easily create and edit records, monitor visit status, view, and compare specialist schedules, analyze workload, reasons, and timing for canceled visits, and more.

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Save important customer information

Knowing your customers is the most valuable resource of any business. Nimble CRM for aesthetics clinics allows us to obtain and effectively use this resource. The system saves the entire history of interaction between the client and the beauty salon, key personal data, statistics of preferences, records of telephone conversations, and SMS. You are always aware of what clients prefer specific services, how much time they spend in the salon on average, how often they visit, and how they react to promotions and individual offers.

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