Chiropractors software can be versatile: from basic free appointment scheduling apps to complex EHR solutions. If you are looking for a CRM system for Chiropractors, that can handle scheduling, marketing, reporting & email functions without costing half of your private practice’s revenue streams – Nimble has got your covered.

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What Is A CRM System?

CRM, or customer relation management system is a software that enables businesses to store, manage, analyze & systemize all data & communication pertaining to its clients.

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Why Chiropractors Need A CRM

  • There exist multiple Chiropractic practice management software systems out there yet clinicians are struggling to find the one that can help across diverse functions yet require zero maintenance, little learning curve and cost reasonably.
  • Chiropractors are reputation-reliant medical professionals. They get many patients by word of mouth marketing. The addressable market is way larger than the existing pool of customers. Patient education, referral management, marketing are all huge for a successful Chiropractic practice.
  • Nonetheless, such clinics are usually a one-star-show with maybe an assistant to handle the bookings and do the admin chores.
  • So in order to keep a constant flow of patients, a successful doctor needs a CRM software for Chiropractors to help drive new clients and retain the existing ones. Such systems help to optimize all processes, keep the client relations vibrant and save lots of time to a busy clinician.

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Nimble CRM for Chiropractors: Features to Grow Your Business
Nurture 1-To-1 Client Relationships

In the era of social media, knowing your patient is a breeze. Many people are open about what they think, like, where they travel. Nimble is a social media centered CRM, that provides an overview of the client’s social media activities in a concise manner. React, comment, interact with your patients from within the comfort of your CRM. Building meaningful relationships has never been that easy. You will not be stuck for Icebreakers ever again.

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Collect Your Patient Data

Data is at the core of present success of companies like Amazon, Google. Data is the future of many businesses. Managing, storing, sourcing, segmenting client’s data in Nimble is as easy as filling out your profile in Facebook. Intuitive interface allows users to master the system just by clicking your way through the platform. You can segment your patients by conditions, demographic parameters for best reporting, analysis, forecasting. Create a segment of MDs to be able to manage your valuable referral business providers accordingly: send them info letters, search, invite for the end of year thank you drink in your backyard.

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Easy Scheduling

Never mix up another appointment with an easy scheduling module. Send reminders straight to the calendars of your patients.

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Increase Productivity

Nimble chiropractic management software is your driving engine of efficiency and boosted productivity. Start your day with a helicopter view of your plans, reply emails and schedule marketing initiatives for your assistant.

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Track Everything

Inventory, supplies, schedules, patient acquisition dynamics, conversions, lifetime value, referrals – there is a way to track and analyze every data point of interest to you.

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Start With Nimble CRM To Grow Your Chiropractic Practice

One of the Best CRMs for Chiropractors, Nimble, is available for a 2 weeks trial absolutely free. See how you can crack more bones and treat more patients, increasing the quality of their lives with this customizable, affordable & user-friendly solution.

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