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CRM for video production: Nimble software

Immediate access. No credit card required.

What is required from a good CRM for a video production studio? Customization, intuitiveness and an OK price. Nimble has it all.

CRM for video production business skyrockets lead generation, literally buys its users time, glues relationships, helps to adhere to budgets, makes planning a breeze. If still hesitating if to sign up to Nimble’s addictive yet totally legal 14-day free trial, read on.

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What is a CRM system?

Customer Relationship Management software is a foundation of pretty much any business now. Salesforces, Hubspot, Nimble are the household names. The CRM software allows its users to initiate, manage, plan, forecast, track every contact, task, deal, communication with customers, partners, suppliers, teams. Remember the sticky notes on the family fridge? They evolved.

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Why video production business needs a CRM

Video production process is complex: you need a system, reminders, calendar integrations to bring order and pattern to otherwise chaotic routine. The video production process is repetitive: the segmentation, customizable pipelines, deals, document flow embedded into Nimble allow to cut resources every time a repeat action is taken. Save time. Save money. Video production is human-focused: more than any other industry, this is a relationship-based industry. This video production CRM software is relationship-centered, having social media integrations at its core.

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Nurture relationships with all stakeholders

Just a few clicks to check your new lead's social life in one comprehensive overview – so you can find the right icebreaker. Maintain high-quality business relations by adhering to deadlines, budgets, and promises – even if you have the memory and attention span of a goldfish.

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Gain 360 ° visibility into your acquisition pipeline

Use the pre-templated pipeline or freestyle one to your needs. Deals and pipeline module is highly customizable to match your day, goals, scale, routine. Just as other best CRMs for video production, Nimble takes care to provide flexibility in molding your business along with your preferences.

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Clustering your clients & stakeholders with CRM for video production

Segmentation and tagging features can be applied to all data points across the CRM software: from contacts and tasks to deals and pipelines. Teaming up your suppliers, clients, partners allows for better planning, management, reporting, and forecasting.

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Send, receive and track emails

While dealing with an indecisive client or an insanely creative yet not too punctual supplier, email tracking features are just a savior. Knowing when and if a receiver opened a message makes the follow up every so easy and timely. Office 365 integration makes this solution a perfect CRM for small and medium video production companies.

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Start with Nimble CRM software

Try this savvy CRM for video producers with a 14-day free trial so you can make your own judgment.

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