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CRM for construction companies & contractors: Nimble software

Immediate access. No credit card required.

CRMs for construction business that are easy to use sound like a dream for overworked contractors? Not so much with Nimble.

CRM for Construction Industry that is created to facilitate the smooth management of any construction project from the concept, design, pre-construction stages through procurement and construction phases to the post-construction finale.

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Always in the loop, always in control

On the move? On a construction site? Having an outside meeting with a client? Out and about on a sample material shopping spree? Nimble App is mobile too. Use this CRM for construction companies out of office to keep an eye on your clients, suppliers, team, and partners. Meeting reminders and social media updates are all handy to keep you gliding along with the clock.

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Social communication and more – all in one place

We have all been lost in messages, emails, texts, searching for the info in question in Linked In, Viber, Messenger, WhatsApp, iPhone texts wasting all the time and feeling frustrated for little reason. No more. With the social media networking at its core, Nimble CRM software easily streamlines all of your communication, as well as gives an overview of company-wide communication and the latest social media updates of your contacts.

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Monitor the progress of a tender from its initiation until acceptance

One of the features expected from a CRM for a construction business is the ability to monitor the tenders. With deals module and customizable pipelines, Nimble is a perfect tool for this mission.

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Deliver projects on time with one of the best CRMs for construction

A successful construction project is the one that is delivered within the timeline and on the budget, among other trillion factors. Keep your communication, deadlines, tasks, calendar, meetings all aligned and working towards your project, not against you. Intuitive interface that combines, melts hundreds of data points to provide a comprehensive overview in a dashboard and a step-by-step plan in your calendar.

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Share data with all associates

Use extensive segmentation and tagging features to keep all of the diverse information systemized and ready for in-depth insightful reporting. Translate data into actionable tasks in procurement, planning or construction processes. Share information with stakeholders in a click. Nimble construction CRM software helps to decipher and distribute materials dexterously.

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Integrations that give an extra boost to your Nimble

If your company uses Office 365, chances are, your 14-day trial will convert into a long and fruitful friendship. The intuitiveness of the interface guarantees the stress-free intro to the software and the seamless integrations with Office 365 is a digital synergy made in cyber heaven. Ever heard about the “1+1=3” formula? This is exactly the case. Integrations with 165+ apps and CRMs allow to take full advantage of the tools you are used to. Looking for the best CRM systems for construction? 14-day no-strings-attached trial with Nimble awaits.

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