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Our Team

The Nimble team is constantly growing. Let us introduce you to some of our team members.
Jon Ferrara, Founder and CEO
Jon has over 20 years of experience in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Sales Force Automation (SFA). An entrepreneur at heart, Jon founded GoldMine CRM in 1989 with a college friend and turned it into a very successful venture that he eventually sold to FrontRange. In 2009, Jon founded Nimble, Inc. and is ready to strike again!
jon ferrara
Michael Korbakov, Architect
Michael's passions are technology, mathematics and formal methods in software development. Michael came to Nimble with a record of success, having previously worked on projects ranging from building HPC clusters to development of natural language processing engines. Michael graduated with Honors as a Master of Sciences in Applied Mathematics, from the National Technical University of Ukraine.
Michael Korbakov

The Nimble Way to Grow Your Business

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