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The Ideal CRM for Employment Law Firms

Nimble empowers employment law firms to strengthen client relationships, streamline recruitment processes, and boost ROI.

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Optimal CRM for Employment Law Firms

Nimble CRM excels in managing comprehensive candidate information, interviews, and interactions. Its adaptable architecture supports effortless tracking of project results via Workflows, available from any device.


Client-Centric CRM

An excellent choice for recruiters dedicated to nurturing valuable business relationships beyond merely monitoring transactions.


Consolidates & Enhances Records

Nimble consolidates contact details, integrates interaction histories, and augments them with social and business insights, streamlining your data management.


Accessible Anywhere

Effortlessly create or update candidate profiles directly from your email, LinkedIn, or any web-based interaction point.


Streamlines Client & Applicant Management

Robust, customizable Workflows with ready-to-use templates efficiently organize people-centric processes that propel business advancement.

How Nimble CRM Enhances Your Recruitment Firm

Nimble CRM enables you to monitor applicants using a Kanban board or list view, manage all candidate and client interactions, and view a comprehensive history of communications in a fully customizable record. It incorporates social media profiling and data enrichment to maintain current information, allows for group outreach with template messages, and supports your growth with powerful reporting tools.

Streamline Applicant Tracking

Effortlessly navigate your candidate pipeline, moving applicants from one stage to the next until a successful hire is achieved. Seamlessly toggle between Kanban and list views. Access detailed candidate contact records with just one click.

Optimize Candidate & Client Relations

Centralize management of all applicant and client details, email interactions, and follow-up activities in one unified platform. Leverage hundreds of customizable fields to tailor contact records specifically to the requirements of your recruitment business.

Maintain Current Candidate Information

Nimble ensures your client and candidate data remain current with automatic profile enrichment, including social profile matching and data updates. This feature significantly reduces the time spent on data entry and research, streamlining your workflow.

Enhance Communication with Segmentation & Email Marketing

Nimble's advanced segmentation tool enables you to craft targeted groups for communication. Set up dynamic saved searches or dispatch up to 300 messages daily, while gaining valuable insights from tracking clicks and opens.

Simplify Candidate Sourcing

The Nimble Prospector browser extension streamlines the process of finding and connecting with candidates and clients. It allows you to close deals more quickly and manage all your candidate interactions directly from anywhere on the web.

Track and Analyze Recruitment Performance

Examine every facet of your recruitment activities in depth. Manage client relationships through configurable Deal pipelines and assess your performance using customizable reports. Effortlessly switch between Kanban boards and list views for optimal monitoring.

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Immediate access. No credit card required.