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Program Structure and Partner Enablement


Partner Enablement

Nimble provides partner enablement to help you to quickly achieve your business goals and drive positive results for your customers. The program addresses all areas of being a Nimble partner, including helping you to improve sales, marketing, technical, and relationship management results. New partners are provided with comprehensive training, materials, and ongoing support programs. On-boarding covers everything from Nimble market positioning, messaging, value propositions, and key differentiators, to provisioning of marketing materials, and training on sales, demos, and implementation approaches.

Each Nimble partner is taken through a check-list of on-boarding steps to assure you are set-up with everything needed for a successful launch. What’s more, Nimble conducts regular partner webinars to keep our entire channel up to date on our latest product developments, active marketing campaigns, business development opportunities, and best practices for implementation methodologies.

Nimble welcomes distribution partners, for whom we have created a staged program that begins with educating the partner organization, followed by webinars, promotions and launch strategies to enable resellers.

We have seen that partners that use Nimble become more effective at growing their own businesses and in effectively selling and implementing our solution. That is why we provide our partners (and resellers) with extended trials of our solution and implementation assistance.

While we are very proud of the programs that we have put together for our partners, we also focus on listening to your feedback and needs, and continually develop strategies and resources based upon your input. To achieve optimum results, we feel it is important that both sides of the relationship are making investments to achieve the highest ROI.

Ambassador Program

The Nimble Ambassador Program is for those wishing to join our community of social media and CRM enthusiasts, industry leaders, and brand advocates. We are looking for those that want to take their love of Nimble and their genuine belief in the power and potential of human relationships to the next level.

As a Nimble Ambassador, you will be able to showcase your social media prowess, your expertise and how you use Nimble to champion the power and potential of human relationships to grow your business and your client’s businesses by:
  • Advocating Nimble products
  • Developing content and/or sharing existing content with your communities
  • Providing product feedback
Please contact marketing@nimble.com to apply.

Act Now!

Become a partner now! We will follow up with you to review your qualifications, answer questions, and walk you thru the steps to become a Partner with the CRM application provider that people love to use so much that it is rated #1 in CRM Value, #1 CRM in Customer Satisfaction, and a CRM Market Leader 3 years in a row by G2 Crowd, the world’s leading business software review platform.