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Partner Testimonials


“Our unique partnership with Nimble enables our UK resellers access to an easy to use, build as you go CRM – perfect for their SMEs, many of whom have never used a CRM system. Its overall simplicity and integration with Office 365 and Outlook means they can generate additional profit alongside those services.”

Jonathan Connor,
Sales and Marketing Director

Giacom is the largest Microsoft Indirect CSP Distributor of Office 365 products in the UK, and operates the largest reseller-only network in Europe with more than 4,000 partners.

"Virtually all our customers need a simple relationship management platform that layers on top of the Office 365 to centralize and share customer knowledge across the organization. Nimble helps businesses engage effectively with customers, driving sales, productivity increases and connected customer experiences with its simple social sales and marketing CRM."

Van Murray Van Murray,
CEO NeoCloud
Not only does Nimble drive more revenue around NeoCloud’s Office 365 sales, it also enables NeoCloud to double its Nimble subscription revenues with a Managed Services offering.