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Microsoft Partners


Microsoft CSP Value Proposition

At Nimble, we invest in our customer’s and partner’s success. Nimble is channel first, with comprehensive programs for partner enablement and sales support. Nimble provides Microsoft CSPs a unique differentiator that increases average deal size and extends the value of Microsoft Office 365. Bundles create added customer value by providing end-to-end solutions to support a wide variety of business processes. Nimble also provides our partners and resellers with a monthly reoccurring revenue stream (MRR) driven by license commissions, implementation services opportunities, and managed services revenues for ongoing services and support. Nimble helps CSPs to attract more customers looking to modernize their social sales and marketing. For our Microsoft partners, Nimble can be a key strategy for migrating customers to the cloud and ultimately to Dynamics solutions.

Microsoft Relationship

Nimble and Microsoft are working together to achieve the goal of modernizing the sales and marketing activities of its broad customer base, especially SMB customers. Microsoft has been highly supportive of our solution and uses Nimble for its own internal teams and workgroups. Nimble is quickly becoming known as “The Simple CRM for Office 365”. Nimble has earned significant Microsoft certifications, recognitions, and invitation-based participation in exclusive programs including: pic
  • Microsoft Gold Certified ISV Partner
  • Selected for Microsoft's Accelerator Portfolio of Innovative, B2B enterprise-ready companies
  • Microsoft Third Party Offers in Partner Center–Founding ISV Member
  • Member, ISV Partner Advisory Committee (ISVPAC)
  • Available in Microsoft’s AppSource and Office Store
  • CoSell Ready
  • Nimble is accessible from within multiple Microsoft platforms: Outlook, Office 365, Dynamics, Edge, Skype, Teams, and and mobile (Outlook on iOS and Android)
  • Provides an on-ramp to Dynamics CRM as customer grows

Freemium Offer – Nimble Smart Contacts Freemium for Office 365 and Outlook

To help Microsoft partners to generate revenue quickly from its existing Office 365 customer-base, and to seed future customers, Nimble makes available to CSPs a freemium offer of our innovative Smart Contacts background and social profile builder that can be used from within Office 365 and Outlook. The freemium is a free add-in to Office 365 that lets users experience Nimble from within Office 365.

Our promotion includes pre-packaged marketing programs, flyers, recorded demos, and upgrades to full Nimble license promotions. Offers are documented in customer facing sale sheets and demo videos. For CSPs, Nimble offers provide a point of difference for Office 365, and opens the door to an upsell discussion after the Office 365 has been purchased. Of course, many customers purchase Nimble with their Office 365 once they learn what they can accomplish with it.

Ideal Partners

Ideal CSP partners understand the opportunity to bring bundled solutions and more value-added services to their Office 365 customers. They focus on customers' success, which extends beyond selling products. They are also interested in generating services and managed services revenue around Nimble. In many cases, they want to develop capabilities and future prospects for selling and implementing Dynamics 365 for CRM.

Third Party Products in Partner Center for CSPs

Nimble is a Founding ISV Member for Microsoft’s Third Party offers in Partner Center. This program provides Microsoft partners with seamless purchasing, provisioning, and billing via 3rd Party Offers in Partner Center. It also allows you to resell Nimble through your Microsoft partner status. Ask us for more details if you have questions. Non-CSP or Third Party Offers enrolled Microsoft partners can sign-up directly with Nimble as a Solution Partner.