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Nimble empowers Social Selling for Travel Agents

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Nimble empowers Social Selling for Travel Agents

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As a travel agent, you are on the front lines of marketing yourself and selling travel to your customers. We want to help you succeed by teaming up with Travel Agent Revolution to give you a complimentary 90-day free trial of the business subscription.

With Nimble, you can:
1. Find and engage with your customers on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn
2. Import leads directly into Nimble and begin nurturing them socially
3. Show your value customers by monitoring and responding to their concerns, in real-time, across all your      networks

This offer is valid through August 31st, 2012 - so sign up now!!

Getting Started is Easy

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The social aspect of Nimble is very powerful. Using social media as a customer relationship channel is no longer a luxury, it's a must-do. I knew Nimble would really help us in this regard - we'd finally be able to grow, nurture and track our social communities through our CRM.
Brian Butler
Account Executive, Skyline Boston
Nimble is a visionary product. Finally, someone has figured out social CRM and made it simple, fun, and efficient. I predict that Nimble will leapfrog all traditional CRM solutions.
Gerhard Gschwandtner
Editor, Selling Power Magazine
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