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Listening and engagement are powerful tools for business success.
Nimble transforms who you know into how you grow.

Nimble’s on the move, as always! Our platform is continuously evolving with an emphasis on: visibility and insights, seamless workflows, Nimble Everywhere! (contact widgets), and partnerships and integrations.

As an avid follower of social business trends, we thought you might want to update your networks and let your contacts know about the advances that can help them manage their relationships and grow their business. To save you time, we’ve created tweets and status updates and given you article links to easily share the news.

Let the Sharing Begin!

Slideshare with Screenshots: http://www.slideshare.net/alyson2/whats-new-at-nimble-slideshare

New! Smart Summary Video: http://bit.ly/1cozry5.

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“It’s like having an assistant to remind you in real time about important details when you have little time and so much noise competing for your attention. Imagine having someone always at your side (as if you were a head of state) to remind you what university they attended, a spouse’s first name, or a shared interest in skiing.” -- Jim Keenan, A Sales Guy Consulting"

“Get hooked on Nimble's Gmail integration, a gateway drug to the euphoria of integrating all your contacts' details and activities across all major social media platforms - you won't know how good it feels until you try it - revel in the ecstasy of virtual omnipotence as you seal deals on your opportunities while mining your social networks for new ones ahead of your competition!” -- Daniel Shakhmundes, Manager, Product Operations and Development at Infomart, a Division of Postmedia Network Inc.

"Smart Summary is another uniquely Nimble feature. When you go to a contact's record, suddenly you have a wealth of public information at your fingertips -- automatically! It's a mix of characteristics you're not likely to have on a standard contact record: a bio, Klout score, educational and career background, significant other, shared interests and keywords, and more. Smart Summary just fleshes out a picture of your contact beyond anything I've seen in other CRM products. It's a wonderful addition to Nimble's feature set." -- Viveka von Rosen, @LinkedInExpert

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