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The Perfect
Real Estate CRM

Nimble helps real estate agents maintain and strengthen
relationships to achieve sustainable business growth.

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Loved by real estate professionals worldwide.

What Makes Nimble a Great CRM for Real Estate Agents

Nimble CRM is ideal for real estate professionals who truly value building long-lasting relationships. It easily manages client information and keeps you top of mind. Nimble’s flexible design allows for easy tracking of deals and project outcomes through Workflows.


Relationship-focused CRM

A perfect CRM for real estate agents who focus on building mutually beneficial relationships to drive referral business.


Unifies & Enriches Contacts

Nimble unifies contacts, links them with interaction history, and enriches them with social & business data - so you don’t have to.


Works Everywhere

Create new or edit existing client records directly from your inbox, LinkedIn and anywhere else you engage on the web.


Tracks Client Progress

Multiple and fully-customizable pipelines with templates to track a client progress from initial interaction to close of escrow.

I believe in the value of genuine connections and staying available to my clients, and Nimble has been instrumental in helping me achieve that efficiently.

John Cilch

REALTOR® at Shafran Realty Group

Enhance Your Real Estate Business with Nimble CRM

Nimble CRM stands out as an excellent choice for real estate professionals due to its adaptability and comprehensive features tailored to the industry’s unique needs. Its social media profile matching, efficient group outreach capabilities, offer invaluable insights and streamline processes, empowering real estate professionals to stay ahead in a competitive market and foster growth and success in their business endeavors.

Streamline Applicant Tracking

Effortlessly navigate your candidate pipeline with the flexibility to transition applicants through various stages towards a successful hire. Our intuitive platform enables you to alternate between kanban and list views seamlessly. Access detailed candidate profiles with a single click, enriching your recruitment strategy.

Enhance Candidate & Client Interactions

Centralize your management of applicant and client details, email correspondences, and follow-up actions all in one cohesive platform. Utilize our extensive customization options, including hundreds of custom fields, to tailor contact records specifically for your recruitment needs.

Automate Candidate Information Updates

Nimble’s advanced profile enrichment technology, coupled with social profile synchronization and data enhancement, ensures your client and candidate databases remain current. This automation significantly reduces the time spent on data entry and research, streamlining your workflow.

Efficient Bulk Communication

Leverage Nimble’s segmentation capabilities to craft targeted outreach efforts. Employ dynamic saved searches or dispatch up to 300 messages daily, gaining valuable insights into engagement metrics such as clicks and opens.

Simplify Candidate Sourcing

Discover and engage with potential candidates and clients effortlessly using the Nimble Prospector browser extension. This tool empowers you to accelerate deal closures and manage candidate information directly from the web, optimizing your sourcing process.

Performance Insights at Your Fingertips

Gain a comprehensive understanding of your recruitment process through in-depth analysis. Track client engagements with customizable Deal pipelines and assess your performance through tailored reports, all while enjoying the flexibility to toggle between kanban boards and list views for an optimized viewing experience.

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Immediate access. No credit card required.