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The Modern Workplace 365 Academy

LEARN How to Modernize Your Microsoft CSP/MSP Sales and Marketing for 2019 Growth

Welcome to Nimble’s Modern Workplace 365 Virtual Academy! We created this series to help you take advantage of the tremendous opportunities to leverage Nimble CRM as a core relationship management solution for your CSP practice as well as your customers.

Click on each session title to watch the webinar or select individual videos to listen to Microsoft, IAMCP, CSP and Nimble speakers discuss opportunities to increase customer acquisition and monthly revenue by reselling Nimble bundled with Office 365. Then, sign up for a one-to-one on-boarding with one of our partner channel advisors.


Introduction, Jon Ferrara


Eamon Moore describes his CSP's dramatic transformation with Nimble


Rosalyn Arntzen, Amaxra