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Introducing Nimble Mobile CRM 3.0

A powerful, on-the-go contact relationship and pipeline manager for Office 365 & G Suite

Access all your Nimble CRM information while mobile. Let Nimble help you prepare for meetings by delivering sales intelligence and detailed dossiers about the people you're meeting. Then use it to follow up and follow through more efficiently with our visual pipeline manager.

Prepare for your meetings

Access rich profiles, including historical meetings, emails, and social conversations as well as social insights about the people you’re meeting. Profiles are easily accessible directly from your email, contacts, calendar and social apps. Contact data sources include more than 100+ cloud-based business apps and social platforms.

Research new contacts on the fly

Discover social profiles, areas of influence, job titles, company description and work experience using the iOS Share Menu* within our mobile apps or web browser. *Share Menu functions available on iOS only.

Your history of conversations, right at your fingertips

Access historic email and Twitter engagements from your mobile phone. **Android coming soon

Scan business cards to create complete contact records

Snap a photo, and Nimble will build a new contact record with the name, title, company, email, address, and phone number in seconds.

Send templated emails and track engagement

Save time using email templates, and get an alert when a contact opens your email or clicks on a link so you can quickly follow-up. Your conversations are recorded in Nimble as you work.

Manage sales and projects using Nimble’s visual deal pipeline

Create, update, and track the progress of deals and projects from the road. You can also log notes using mobile voice commands, assign follow-up tasks, and schedule reminders to follow through.

Get Started Today

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