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What is Freshdesk? Freshdesk is a cloud-based help desk software that allows organizations to support their customers through email, phone, website, Facebook and Twitter. Freshdesk is easy to use and requires no installation or training. It has an intuitive interface that enables agents to be up and running in minutes, and assisting your valuable customers.
Nimble-Freshdesk Integration Overview The Nimble-Freshdesk integration enables agents to see a customers full record from within a Freshdesk help ticket. This information includes all communication history such as who the customer has spoken to before, the specifics of their sale, and any additional notes that will aid the agent in providing world-class care.
Overview Video The Nimble-Freshdesk integration enables agents to see Nimble contact records from within Freshdesk help tickets and empowers agents to view all past customer conversations including social and email tracked by Nimble.
Provide World-Class Support Combining Nimble's social communication tracking and Freshdesk's easy to use support platform will enable agents to better serve customers and provide world-class support experiences.

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