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Nimble iOS App

Nimble iOS App

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Nimble App (Beta) for iOS

Nimble is providing a Beta version of the Simply Insightful Relationship Manager for your iPhone. Use our handy mobile app as a supplement to the Nimble platform.


  1. Nimble account required for iOS App usage (Register Here)
  2. Nimble App is available in Beta for iOS only.
  3. Your feedback is requested here.
  4. Nimble App version .9 release date: May 28, 2013

Download from iTunes App Store here:


  • -Fast. Advanced search grabs any contact lickety-split.
  • -Functional. All the info you need, on the go.
  • -Formative. Habitual use makes you more productive.
  • -Actionable. Easily take notes and schedule follow ups.

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Nimble App (Beta) Sort Screen, Recently Viewed


  • All Search - Quickly search against Name, Title, Company, Location, Tag, or Email to locate any of your contacts in Nimble. All search criteria: name, company name, title, email, skype, twitter, facebook, linkedin, website, description, lead source, lead status, lead type, birthday, phone, address

  • Easily Sort - Contacts are sorted by All, People, Company, Recently Viewed, Recently Added and Recently Contacted.
    • Recently Viewed - Any contact record you've recently looked at, in chronological order from most recent.
    • Recently Added - Any contact you've recently added to any network.
    • Recently Contacted - Conveniently view contacts you have recently communicated with across email, social networks.
    • Saved Searches - If you've saved any searches from within the Nimble Web App, they will populate in the sort screen.

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Nimble App (Beta) Contact Record

  • Contact Record - Your home base within Nimble. Information about your contacts, including avatar (photo), title, social networks, and location.
    • Easily Engage - All your touch points easily within a thumb's reach:
      One-touch functionality:
      • Call
      • Email
      • Text
      • Map
      • Social networks
      • Skype
      • Website

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Nimble App (Beta) Activities

  • Take Action (+) - On the contact record, select "+" icon to:
    • Log a note
    • Add a Task
Download here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/nimble/id651636273?mt=8