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Work Smarter Everywhere

Nimble is the first CRM that works wherever you’re engaging customers. Our Smart Contacts Browser App helps you connect intelligently on any social site or business app.

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Mobile Apps

The Nimble app is the only relationship manager and personal Agenda Tool you need. It combines your phone’s contacts and calendars with our rich people and company insights. Before every meeting, Nimble presents you with clear and concise contact and company details. Our Nimble mobile app will even help you to effectively follow up and follow through with your contacts via automated reminders to log notes and tasks. Read More

Nimble Smart Contacts App

Our browser Apps delivers the power of Nimble everywhere you work by providing relationship insights to help you take effective action inside your email inbox, social sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, AngelList, Google+ and in any web browser app. The app automatically displays contact and company details and the teams complete communication history including emails, social interactions and messages, notes and calendar events for every contact in Nimble. Read More

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Works with Google Apps and Office365

Nimble works seamlessly with Google Apps and Office 365 to unify your email, calendar and social history into a simple smart CRM that powers everyone in your company to work as a team. Our Social Sales and Marketing features help identify, communicate and connect to grow your business.

100+ App Integrations

Extend the power of Nimble with over 100+ Integration Partners. Offering lead capture and analytics, email marketing support and more, Nimble’s add-ons give your business even more ways to close the marketing and sales loop. Read More

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