Nimble Today – The Simply Smarter Way to Start Your Day

Every professional needs a dashboard that provides relationship insights and history about the prospects and customers who matter most.

Quickly scan your Sales Pipeline, Calendar Appointments, Tasks Sales Intelligence and Social Signals to track priorities and work effectively.


Take Control of Your Sales Process

Track deals directly from your dashboard. Click to access engagement history and current insights on the people involved; update deal status, assign tasks, add notes or create new deals


Visualize Your Sales Funnel

Monitor how many prospects are in each stage. Effortlessly gauge whether you have enought deals in the pipeline to meet your goals. Zoom into any deal to take steps.


Follow-Up on Tasks

Easily follow through on your to-do list to cultivate the right deals and conenctions, both one-on-one and at scale


Prepare for Meetings

Glance through your appointments and find out more about the people you're meeting. Click on their profiles to discover social insights including their interest and social media account, history of conversations, notes and more.


Scan Business Signals

Discover engagement opportunities with customers and prospects such as Twitter conversations, birthdays, and more. Easily access detailed dossiers on people in your network: Learh who you are, how to reach them, their interest, history of conversations with you and your team, account notes, and more.


Network with Highlighted Contacts

Nimble recommends people to contact based on preferences such as job title, company or areas of interest.


Stay tuned! More widgets to come...

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