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Customizable B2C CRM software

Streamline customer engagement with our B2C CRM software. Tailored to your business needs for seamless management and growth.

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Customizable B2C CRM Software for Small Business

Our Customizable B2C CRM Software for Small Businesses is the ultimate tool to elevate your customer relationships. Tailored specifically for the unique needs of small businesses, it offers a comprehensive suite of features designed to streamline your customer management processes. From personalized communication to detailed analytics, our CRM software enables you to understand and engage with your customers like never before. Boost your sales, improve customer satisfaction, and drive growth with a solution that adapts to your business. Start transforming your customer interactions today.


Relationship-centric B2C CRM

The ideal CRM for recruiters dedicated to fostering beneficial partnerships rather than solely managing deals.


Centralizes and Enhances Records

Nimble centralizes your contacts, connects them with their interaction history, and augments them with social and business information, simplifying your workflow.


B2C CRM Works Everywhere

Directly add new or modify existing candidates from your email, LinkedIn, or any other online platform where you interact.


Manages Clients & Applicants

Offers versatile and completely customizable workflows with templates to streamline people-centric processes that propel business expansion.

How Nimble B2C CRM Helps Grow Your Recruiting Business

Monitor applicants through a Kanban board or a list view, oversee all candidate and client interactions, and effortlessly access a comprehensive communication history in a fully customizable record. Leverage social media profile matching and data enhancement to maintain current information, communicate with groups using templates, and efficiently gauge your achievements with detailed reports.

Simplify Applicant Tracking

Effortlessly oversee your candidate pipeline, smoothly transitioning candidates from one phase to the next until a positive result is achieved. Seamlessly toggle between Kanban and list layouts. Obtain comprehensive candidate contact details with a single click.

Oversee Candidate & Client Interactions

Centralize all applicant and client data, email correspondences, and follow-up activities in a single location. Utilize numerous custom fields to tailor contact records precisely to your recruitment business's requirements.

Maintain Current Candidate Details

Nimble's automatic profile enhancement, featuring social profile synchronization and data augmentation, ensures your client and candidate information remains current, saving you countless hours on data entry and research.

Mass Communication with Candidates & Clients

With Nimble's segmentation capability, tailor your outreach by creating specific segments. Initiate dynamic saved searches or dispatch up to 300 messages daily, while tracking every click and open for insights.

Streamlined Candidate Discovery

The Nimble Prospector browser extension streamlines your search, enabling you to discover and engage with potential candidates and clients more efficiently. With this tool, you can accelerate the hiring process, finalize agreements swiftly, and organize your candidate interactions seamlessly across the web.

Performance Insights

Delve deep into every facet of your recruitment activities. Oversee your client interactions through adaptable Deal pipelines, and assess your performance through tailor-made reports. Effortlessly toggle between kanban boards and list views for an optimized monitoring experience.

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Immediate access. No credit card required.