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Partner with Nimble - The Simple, Smart CRM for Microsoft 365

Nimble seamlessly integrates with Microsoft 365 and works in Outlook inbox, calendar, contacts, Teams, mobile, and everywhere on the web.

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Nimble CRM Transforms Microsoft Partners into Cloud Business Solution Sellers

The Business Challenge

Most Microsoft partners primarily sell Microsoft 365, migration, backup, and security.

Microsoft CSPs struggle to scale sales of Power BI, Dynamics & other 3rd party ISV business applications because their reseller partners don't have front and back-office solution sales expertise.

Microsoft Partners need a simple, affordable business application add-on like Nimble CRM that fills the gap between Microsoft 365 and Dynamics that’s easy to sell to SMB customers in order to jumpstart additional Microsoft and other 3rd party ISV solution sales.

The Business Solution

Microsoft CSPs partner with Nimble - The Simple CRM for Microsoft 365, available through the CSP Marketplace in Partner Center, so partners can resell Nimble easily alongside Microsoft 365.

Nimble co-sells with Microsoft distributors to their reseller partners and with Microsoft reseller partners to their end user customers.

Results of this partnership and strategy are better sales and knowledge of selling Power BI, Dynamics & other 3rd party ISV business applications on top of Microsoft 365.

Nimble - The CRM Built for Microsoft 365 and Teams

Nimble is the simple, smart CRM built for Microsoft 365 and Teams. It builds itself from your contacts, communication histories, email inboxes, and calendar appointments into a team relationship manager.

Nimble Offers CSPs 30% Margin & More!

Benefits of Nimble Microsoft Partner Program

The Microsoft Partner Program is simple, free, and easy to join. Get started today!

Grow your Microsoft practice and monthly revenue

Fills the Microsoft gap of an SMB CRM

Increase consumption & retention of Microsoft productivity tools

Drive significant implementation services & managed services

The Nimble Microsoft Partner Program has been developed for the following categories of partners: Distribution Partners, Microsoft CSP Resellers, and ISV Partners. We increase the average deal size for Microsoft CSPs by providing a unique opportunity that extends the value of Microsoft Office 365. Nimble also is a great introduction for businesses that are not yet ready for Dynamics; it also fills the gap of an SMB CRM in the Microsoft ecosystem and is a gateway to Power BI and Azure.

Start selling Nimble on top of the core products and services that you are already selling. Nimble helps you start conversations with key decision makers and then gets you through the door with your other products and services. Even if your customers have an existing CRM, Nimble adds value as an integrated sales enablement tool.

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