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What do clients of beauty salons, barbershops, and hair salons want? To have the desired service done quickly and with high quality. To increase loyalty and frequency of visits to the salon, the speed of processing requests, the ability to get reminders, and the personalization of the client are essential. CRM for beauty salons will help to solve these problems.

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Why install CRM system for beauty salon?

The platform is designed to automate business processes. With it, you will forget about the typical problems: the need to manually call, register and inform clients; the inability to choose the time and day to make an appointment with a particular artist on the website or social networks; difficulties in creating and coordinating schedules; loss of incoming calls; lack of a unified client base and standard statistics for the branches. the human factor - is the delay of employees or customers.

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What features CRM provides?

Nimble CRM - a versatile solution that combines a wide range of tools. After connecting a cross-platform program, you can eliminate the use of disparate tools, combining them into one interface. We suggest you test the CRM for your beauty salon and see if the platform is right for you.

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Online appointment with the selected master

Phone calls are not the most comfortable way to communicate. It's easier for visitors to leave a request or make an appointment online. CRM can integrate feedback forms into the website, social networks, and messengers. Requests sent through the form are entered into cards. The customer can select the service, master, date, and time in the form. The manager will instantly receive the sent request. We do not exclude calls, so when a customer reaches, CRM can generate a record from an incoming or outgoing call.

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Keeping customer records

It's great when the receptionist remembers your regular customers by sight, but that's not enough. It is necessary to keep critical data at hand: the name, frequently chosen time, history of procedures, medical contraindications, care products used, etc. The CRM for the beauty salon creates a card for each visitor with the listed data. Even if an employee leaves the salon, the program will store data on the client's preferences in the database, which will help not to lose him to the specialist.

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Automated mailing of reminders

Salon statistics show that 30-35% of clients don't attend appointments or are late, disrupting the master's schedule. Some visitors who don't come to the salon forget about the meeting. With our CRM for a beauty salon, you can set up a text message reminder of an upcoming appointment or call on a pre-built script. It will free administrators from having to call clients manually.

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Loyalty Increase

The platform allows the implementation of automated scripts designed to increase customer loyalty: an offer to sign up again after the first treatment, birthday greetings, personal discounts, etc. Chatbots can be set up in messengers to inform about promotions and provide quick feedback.

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