Data management automation allows you to optimize work processes and make them more efficient. It is believed that such tools are needed only in business, where it is crucial to track the efficiency of each action. But such resources are also used in education, especially if the online school operates within a business model. Therefore, using a CRM for a school is an excellent solution for empowerment.

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Why Do Education Agents Need a CRM?

CRM for online education is a tool that allows you to systematize information about users of the educational platform:
manage it, track results and make development plans.
In the past, schools stored all information about customers in notebooks, but then there was no such thing as an online school.
Later, spreadsheets appeared. Many still use them, but this is an outdated and inefficient approach.
CRM system for schools is a modern, high-quality tool for accounting for clients and working with them.

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CRM Features for Education Agents

Implementation of CRM for schools provides new opportunities:
Facilitates reporting. All reports are provided in digital form.
Each participant can quickly enter data and information updates in real-time.
To analyze advertising sources. For an online school, advertising is the primary source of attracting customers. It helps to reduce marketing costs and increase conversion. To organize teachers' work.
Nimble CRM helps to distribute students to teachers properly, monitor the workload, and draw up work schedules on time.
It reduces errors and ensures a rational delegation of responsibilities.

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How to Choose CRM for Education Industry

When choosing a CRM for school, you should consider the necessary functions to be implemented.
You need a solid database to manage all students and store the most critical information.
It should be well organized, have a search function, and be able to add photos and personal data.
Educational process. The most crucial block for both students and teachers to interact with.
It is a platform where students gain knowledge.
It organizes the entire educational process, from schedules to connecting broadcasts, unloading lessons, and tools for checking homework.

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CRM for online schools allows you to contact potential customers via telephony.
Conversations are recorded in the database, so you can view call history, create auto-calls and use other tools for the call center.
Mailing campaigns are another tool for customer interaction.
In addition to advertising campaigns, newsletters help to automate the learning process. So the student will not need to send each lesson manually.
After purchasing the course, he receives the newsletter according to a given schedule.

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