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CRM for Speakers

The Ideal CRM Solution for Speakers

Discover how Nimble transforms the way speakers engage with their audience, streamline their event management, and boost their overall impact. With Nimble, speakers can foster stronger connections, simplify their organizational tasks, and elevate their speaking engagements to new heights.

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Why Nimble is the Ultimate CRM for Speakers

Nimble CRM stands out as the premier choice for speakers looking to manage audience data, event engagements, and interactions seamlessly. Its adaptable framework supports effortless monitoring of event results and participant feedback through intuitive Workflows, ensuring everything is at your fingertips, no matter where you are.


Audience-Centric CRM

The ideal CRM for speakers dedicated to cultivating meaningful connections with their audience, beyond mere transactional interactions.


Centralizes & Enhances Data

Nimble gathers all contact information, merges it with interaction histories, and augments it with relevant social and professional details effortlessly.


Accessible Anywhere

Effortlessly add new contacts or update existing information directly from your email, social media platforms, or any web interaction point.


Streamlines Event & Participant Management

Diverse and customizable Workflows equipped with templates streamline the management of events and participant engagement, fostering business development.

How Nimble CRM Elevates Your Speaking Career

Visualize your audience engagement through a Kanban board or list view, seamlessly manage all attendee and organizer interactions, and instantly access the full history of communications within a fully customizable record. Leverage social media profiles and data enrichment for the most current information, communicate with groups using templates, and effortlessly track your progress with comprehensive reports.

Streamline Audience Engagement

Effortlessly visualize your engagement funnel and guide your audience from initial interest to loyal followership. Transition smoothly between kanban and list views to manage your contacts with a single click.

Enhance Attendee & Organizer Interactions

Centralize all attendee and organizer information, including email exchanges and follow-ups, in one comprehensive system. Utilize extensive customization options with hundreds of custom fields tailored to your speaking engagements.

Maintain Up-to-Date Contact Details

With Nimble’s automatic profile updates, including social media integration and data enrichment, keep your contact list current without spending hours on manual updates and research.

Simplify Contact Discovery

The Nimble Prospector browser extension streamlines the process of identifying and engaging with potential attendees and collaborators, allowing you to expand your network more efficiently and manage contacts from anywhere online.

Track Your Impact

Gain a deep understanding of your speaking business’s dynamics through detailed analysis. Monitor engagement with customizable Deal pipelines and evaluate your success with tailored reports, switching effortlessly between kanban boards and list views.

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Immediate access. No credit card required.