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The Ideal CRM for Social Housing

Nimble assists social housing organizations in building stronger tenant relationships, streamlining processes, and enhancing overall efficiency.

Immediate access. No credit card required.

Why Nimble is Perfect for Social Housing

Nimble CRM is ideal for managing tenant information, communications, and interactions. Its flexible design allows for seamless tracking of housing projects through Workflows, accessible from any location.


Relationship-Focused CRM

Ideal for social housing organizations focused on fostering meaningful tenant relationships rather than just managing cases.


Consolidates and Enriches Records

Nimble integrates contact information, links it with interaction history, and enriches it with relevant social and business data, simplifying your data management.


Accessible Everywhere

Easily create or update tenant profiles directly from your inbox, social media, or any online platform.


Efficient Tenant and Property Management

Utilize multiple, fully-customizable Workflows and templates to effectively manage tenant-related processes, driving operational growth and efficiency.

How Nimble CRM Enhances Your Social Housing Operations

Track tenants using a Kanban board or list view, manage all tenant relationships, and access complete communication histories in fully customizable records. Leverage social media profile matching and data enrichment to keep information up-to-date, communicate with groups using templates, and easily evaluate your success with comprehensive reports.

Effortlessly Track Tenants

Visualize your tenant pipeline and seamlessly transition tenants through various stages to achieve successful outcomes. Easily switch between Kanban and list views, and access detailed tenant contact records with a single click.

Manage Tenant Relationships

Centralize all tenant information, email communications, and follow-ups in one unified platform. Utilize hundreds of custom fields to fully customize contact records to meet the specific needs of your social housing organization.

Deals Reporting Detail

Keep Tenant Information Current

Nimble’s automated profile enrichment, along with social profile matching and data enhancement, ensures all your tenant information remains up-to-date, saving you hours on data entry and research.

Efficiently Communicate with Tenants

Nimble’s segmentation feature enables you to create targeted tenant groups. Set up dynamic saved searches or send up to 300 messages daily, gaining insights on all clicks and opens.

Simplify Tenant Engagement

The Nimble Prospector browser extension helps you discover and connect with more tenants efficiently, streamline processes, and manage all tenant interactions from anywhere on the web.

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Immediate access. No credit card required.