The Ideal CRM for Nursing Homes

Nimble empowers nursing homes to build stronger relationships, streamline operations, and enhance the quality of care. Discover how our CRM can revolutionize your management process and boost your efficiency.

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What Makes Nimble a Great CRM for Nursing Homes

Nimble CRM is designed to help nursing homes manage resident information, staff interactions, and operational workflows. Its adaptable design ensures seamless tracking of outcomes from any location.


Relationship-Focused CRM

Ideal for nursing homes that prioritize building strong, mutually beneficial relationships over mere data tracking.


Unified & Enriched Records

Nimble unifies resident and staff contacts, linking them with interaction history and enriching them with relevant social and business data.


Accessible Everywhere

Easily create or update resident and staff records directly from your inbox, LinkedIn, or any other web platform.


Comprehensive Management

Fully customizable workflows with templates to manage all people-related processes, enhancing efficiency and promoting business growth.

How Nimble CRM Enhances Your Nursing Home Operations

Streamline Management and Improve Care

Nimble CRM offers nursing homes the tools to efficiently manage resident and staff information, ensuring that all interactions and communications are well-documented and easily accessible.

Effortless Resident Tracking

Visualize and manage resident information in a Kanban board or list view. Easily transition residents through different care stages with a single click, accessing comprehensive contact records instantly.

Enhance Resident & Family Relationships

Keep all resident and family information, communications, and follow-ups in one centralized location. Customize contact records with numerous custom fields to meet the unique needs of your nursing home.

Keep Information Up-to-Date

Nimble’s profile auto-enrichment and social profile matching ensure that all resident and staff information remains current, significantly reducing time spent on data entry and research.

Efficient Communication

Segment and target specific groups of residents, families, or staff members with Nimble’s segmentation feature. Send up to 300 messages per day and track engagement with detailed insights on clicks and opens.

Simplified Staff Management

The Nimble Prospector browser extension helps you find and connect with potential staff members quickly, manage all your contacts, and close staffing gaps efficiently from anywhere on the web.

Performance Monitoring

Analyze every aspect of your nursing home operations. Track relationships and performance with configurable deal pipelines and customizable reports, easily switching between Kanban boards and list views.

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Immediate access. No credit card required.