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The Ultimate CRM Solution for the Hiring Industry

Nimble empowers recruitment and staffing agencies to forge stronger connections, streamline the hiring process, and boost their return on investment.

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Why Nimble Stands Out as a Premier CRM for Recruitment Professionals

Nimble CRM excels in supporting recruiters with comprehensive management of candidate data, interview schedules, and interactions. Its adaptable framework facilitates seamless tracking of recruitment results via Workflows, ensuring accessibility from anywhere.


CRM Centered on Relationships

Ideal for recruiters prioritizing the cultivation of rewarding business connections over mere deal tracking.


Consolidates and Enhances Data

Nimble consolidates contact information, intertwines it with interaction histories, and augments it with relevant social and business insights, simplifying your workload.


Accessible Anywhere

Effortlessly add new candidates or update existing ones directly from your inbox, LinkedIn, or any web interaction point.


Streamlines Client and Candidate Management

Offers diverse and customizable Workflows complete with templates, designed to streamline the people-centric processes essential for business expansion.

Elevate Your Recruitment Business with Nimble CRM

Organize applicants using a visual Kanban board or a streamlined list view, oversee all candidate and client interactions, and access a comprehensive history of communications in a fully customizable record. Leverage social media profile matching and data enrichment for always-current information, engage contacts in bulk with template messages, and measure your achievements through powerful reporting tools.

Simplify Applicant Tracking

Effortlessly manage your candidate journey, advancing them through each stage towards a positive outcome. Choose between intuitive kanban and list views for organization, with immediate access to detailed candidate profiles.

Enhance Relationship Management

Centralize all details of your candidates and clients, including emails and follow-up actions, in one unified system. Customize your contact management with extensive custom fields tailored to your recruitment business needs.

Automate Candidate Data Updates

With Nimble’s automatic profile enrichment and social media integration, keep all client and candidate details current without the extra hours spent on manual data entry and research.

Efficient Bulk Communication

Utilize Nimble’s segmentation tools for targeted communication, allowing you to reach out to specific groups with ease. Send bulk messages effectively, with a daily cap of 300, and track engagement through insights on opens and clicks.

Streamline Candidate Discovery

The Nimble Prospector browser extension accelerates your ability to discover and engage with potential candidates and clients, enhancing your recruitment efficiency and ability to manage connections directly from the web.

Track and Analyze Recruitment Success

Gain comprehensive insights into your recruitment strategy’s effectiveness. Monitor client engagements through adaptable Deal pipelines and assess your performance with tailored reports, all while easily navigating between kanban boards and list views.

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Immediate access. No credit card required.