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Everyone Loves Nimble

Great post about the Smart Contact Add-in for Outlook! Thanks a lot, guys! https://t.co/CMCabwlfVQ
Apr 6, 2017, 11:45 am UTC
Exciting product feature from @Nimble for your #SmallBiz and #sales needs! https://t.co/OUEVV0Oilf
Apr 6, 2017, 2:38 am UTC
Sarah Goodall
If you're a #startup & looking for an affordable CRM solution with #socialselling integrated - check out @Nimble . V impressed.
Apr 5, 2017, 7:57 pm UTC
Questions Consulting
Q brief Nimble - social #CRM software for #SMBs #SocialMediaMarketing # (more research at https://t.co/e9q0vlDL2Q) https://t.co/RL3pshEyBd
Apr 5, 2017, 11:09 am UTC
Joe Hendley
@Nimble No problem, guys. Credit where it's due. Altho Nimble is not entirely free, I've found it much better value… https://t.co/OOlGPKsBwK
Apr 5, 2017, 10:08 am UTC
@SteveCassady @Nimble I do like nimble to tag and track engagements but I also like to do it organically as well #linkedinchat
Apr 5, 2017, 12:39 am UTC
How I Use Nimble for Business Development https://t.co/EygWOjqvPf by @tweetsmithers via @nimble #BizDev #CRM https://t.co/Vym2gLZZoh
Apr 4, 2017, 4:44 pm UTC
Stu Heinecke
.@Nimble yes, just interviewed T. Boone Pickens last week for the new book, looking forward to interviewing… https://t.co/K2SAtCJu5F
Apr 4, 2017, 3:55 pm UTC
Jon Ferrara
New post on the @nimble blog: How to Plan an Event with Nimble https://t.co/ZZdXGnRIig #EventPlanning #CRM https://t.co/4v4muWwlye
Apr 4, 2017, 2:43 pm UTC
Joe Hendley
@Nimble @TechCrunch I'd highly recommend having a look at this CRM - for social media marketing, it's proving very… https://t.co/9y24UkVaWm
Apr 4, 2017, 12:37 pm UTC
Joe Hendley
@Nimble CRM "tracks a range of information in an automated fashion ... very useful for salespeople" https://t.co/wd4A49Ih5Z via @techcrunch
Apr 4, 2017, 12:35 pm UTC
Tech Smart Boss
@ElleciaD One that comes to mind is @Nimble take a look at them.
Apr 3, 2017, 8:34 pm UTC
Built In Los Angeles
Top fundraisers for March include: @BeautyconTweets @Nimble @Cloudvirga @ServiceTitan and @HealthDataVis… https://t.co/hHMm1K3ilo
Apr 3, 2017, 5:09 pm UTC
David Gilbert
No surprise really, @Nimble is a great system! https://t.co/2J1gVZokP0
Apr 3, 2017, 3:56 am UTC
Paul Bradley Smith
@Nimble We ❤️ #Nimble @Nimble @NimbleCare @Jon_Ferrara @MichaProuzova
Mar 30, 2017, 6:14 pm UTC
Howard Lewinter
@Jon_Ferrara @Nimble Well deserved, Jon! You have an amazing product that just keeps getting better and better. Super team at @Nimble!
Mar 29, 2017, 11:28 pm UTC
Howard Lewinter
Grow your #business FASTER with @Nimble - The #1 CRM for #socialselling and marketing. https://t.co/AMWPk7N769 #businessgrowth #sales
Mar 29, 2017, 11:19 pm UTC
Richard Young
Twitter 101: What, Why, How? https://t.co/1Aet9mjsF3 via @Nimble @MichaProuzova #SocialSelling #Sales https://t.co/UbDXFhlrk1
Mar 29, 2017, 4:05 pm UTC
Andy Jankowski
Congrats @Jon_Ferrara ! @Nimble lands $9M to simplify contact management in the cloud https://t.co/UcdFs4qfad by @TechCrunch
Mar 29, 2017, 12:16 pm UTC
Martin Brossman
@Jon_Ferrara I know one to keep! @Nimble
Mar 27, 2017, 3:15 pm UTC
Paul Bradley Smith
@Nimble We #LOVE YOU ALL cc: @Jon_Ferrara @NimbleCare @MichaProuzova
Mar 25, 2017, 4:54 pm UTC
Paul Bradley Smith
@nimble Recently retained by @wamplercamps Re: #strategy services | We w/ be using #nimble to help w/ their… https://t.co/n9NygK0CgQ
Mar 25, 2017, 4:53 pm UTC
Jo Saunders
@MichaProuzova I mentioned @Nimble in my conference presentation today :)
Mar 24, 2017, 8:57 pm UTC
Ross Keating
This new add-in for MS Outlook & Office 365 by @Nimble means your "inbox" give you useful contact informaton #CRM https://t.co/BfsGHUHVD0
Mar 21, 2017, 10:25 pm UTC
Maria Elena Duron
A7: Use @Nimble to keep me straight on the basic info & to see their latest updates to keep in the loop. Time = caring #Page1chat
Mar 21, 2017, 8:45 pm UTC
Rich Bohn
Nimble Launches Social Insights Add-In for Microsoft Outlook & Office 365 | @Nimble #CRM Hot stuff! https://t.co/LOw2xkFeHX
Mar 21, 2017, 2:59 pm UTC
Thomas Wieberneit
CRM Thoughts from Down Under ... A Love Affair - Nimble Smart Contacts for Outlook https://t.co/GP8In5vOBa #CEX #CEM #CRM
Mar 18, 2017, 11:34 pm UTC
Priority Media
Nimble raises $9M to expand its social CRM service - SiliconANGLE - https://t.co/ZVuouBYIgn
Mar 17, 2017, 10:40 pm UTC
Neal Schaffer
Nimble Raises $9M to Scale The Simple Smart CRM Microsoft Office 365 & Google G Suite Customers Love To Use https://t.co/hGSJ8ajt5A
Mar 17, 2017, 4:22 am UTC
Nicky Kriel
So thrilled that I got to meet @jonferrara founder of @nimble in real life. Jon is one of my contributors. https://t.co/uy3zPwSmZo
Mar 17, 2017, 2:31 am UTC
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