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Nimble Pricing. Simple & Easy.

Business Plan
$ 15 /mo/user

FREE 14-day trial included! No credit card required.

All the features for your business!

  • Multi user account
  • Unlimited network connections
  • Unlimited communications history
  • Unlimited number of deals
  • Advanced field customization
  • Full access to 3rd party integrations

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Nimble is a simple yet functional CRM that can be used to track leads and deals in the sales pipeline and you can learn how to use it in five minutes.
Jordan Zoot
Managing Director & CEO, aBIZinaBOX
Nimble is the most complete Social CRM I have used and its integrations with Google and Twitter make it a dream come true.
Taylor Miles
President, WebbROI
Nimble allows us to increase transparency and also greatly helps us document and facilitate our internal communications.
Daniel Pesis
Cofounder, SociaLink
Strategic Capital Consulting CO. LLC
Nimble allows us to monitor and interact among all our Social network and Social media sites with the ease of being on one page at one time!
Stephen R DeMarie
Vice President, Strategic Capital Consulting Co, LLC
The social feed from Nimble is massively increasing my interactions with my contacts; I come across as a much more thoughtful businessperson who takes the time to remember all the details about my contacts.
John King
Director, Engentia
Nimble introduces me to additional ways to connect using social media that I may not have been aware of. Nimble also helps me to cultivate relationships with ease by making inbound and outbound communications simple.
Coretta Jackson
Marketing & Strategic Planning Director, Businessethos.com


What happens after the 14-day free trial?
You get 14 days to try the Business version of Nimble with no credit card required. After 14 days we'll ask you to place a credit card on file to start charging your business account.

How easy is it to add or remove users?
Adding or removing users from your Nimble Business account can be done within seconds. You simply invite or delete a user on the Settings page in your account. If you have a Personal account you will need to upgrade to a Business account to add users.

What if I need more than 5GB of space?
No problem! You can add additional space in 25GB increments for only $25 per account per month.