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Nimble is ranked #1 by G2 Crowd as Best Small Business CRM, Best Mid-Market CRM, #1 in Sales Intelligence Customer Satisfaction, and #1 in CRM Customer Satisfaction for the Fourth Year in a Row.

The Simple CRM for Office 365 & G Suite
  • #1 Rated Social Sales and Marketing CRM
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There is no better way to keep in touch as well as navigate a sea of prospects to find relevant information and appropriate channels for communication than Nimble and Prospector

Neal Schaffer
Social Media Keynote Speaker, Maximize Your Social

We are always pushing the limits of how Nimble’s shared platform responds to the amount of data we throw at it but so far the company has been incredibly accommodating. You’re not going to get that from other vendors.

Oliver Deng
CEO, headhuntr.io

When someone emails me, I can use Nimble to immediately figure out if I want to connect with that person and how to build a relationship based on our common areas of interest. I can also look up his or her contact details using Nimble Prospector. Without Nimble, I’d easily spend three or four times as long.

Wes Schaeffer
CEO, The Sales Whisperer

I knew Native Custom Stone needed a CRM solution to better manage our customer and partner contact information and profiles, and to support our target marketing strategies. OMI recommended we use Nimble to help us to be much more strategic about managing our business relationships, engaging with our most important audiences, and executing our strategies. Nimble was easy to set up, and our sales and marketing team loves using it.

Billy Bennett
Owner, Native Custom Stone

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