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Nimble + HootSuite on Social Selling

With the Nimble-HootSuite integration, your clients will finally add
crucial context to their business contacts by tying social media activity
to lead generation and sales efforts.

Amplify HootSuite with Nimble’s Social Relationship Management Tools
Partnering with the leaders in social relationship management, social selling, and social media management will make generating, nurturing, and managing leads for your clients via social media even easier. The Nimble HootSuite integration will help your clients identify, engage, and nurture stronger relationships in order to drive more business opportunities.

Key Benefits and Applications
  • Viewing Nimble contact details from the HootSuite dashboard
  • Importing new contacts into Nimble from social streams in HootSuite
  • Enhanced social relationship management
  • Effective customer engagement
  • Streamlined social selling
  • Influencer relationship management
  • Enable Social CRM from within HootSuite
  • Empower Companies to become a Social Business
The Nimble integration with HootSuite has significantly accelerated the identifying and collecting of contacts from twitter and moving them into Nimble for tracking. What really works is finding new people that we'd like to work with and organizing them in Nimble for further communication.
Bernie J Mitchell
Bernie J Mitchell
Digital Consultant at Engaging People Ltd

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