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Using Nimble CRM 4.0 for Social Selling

Using Nimble CRM 4.0 for Social Selling

Having just started my own business, Digital Leadership Associates (DLA) my co-founder and I were looking for a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system, somewhere we can store data on customers and deals.

Having used a number of CRMs in the past, we wanted to get a solution that was more than just, we were selling product A, in this quarter for this amount. All very interesting, but in 2016, we wanted something with a little more "umph" so we turned to my friend Jon Ferrara the CEO of Nimble as he reviewed my book and was very supportive. Wow, did I find that CRM had changed in 2016!

Getting Data into a CRM is Always a Pain

The first thing I was apprehensive about was typing all my contact data into Nimble, but found that the CRM world had moved on. For example, if I search for my Business Partner, Adam Gray on LinkedIn, right click a box allows me to pull the data into Nimble.

Opening up a Nimble sidebar, I can get Adam's details pulled straight into Nimble. Can also check out all of Adam's different social presences. For me and other Social Sellers seeing what my prospects, customers and partners are doing on Social is critical in 2016.

Nimble finds instant insights on people and companies by automagically building Live Profiles on anything, anywhere, on the fly: simply hover to discover and click to connect. These profiles provide essential details: who people are, where they work, where they are from, number of company employees, year founded, revenue, industry, CEO details, location, social profiles, contact info and more.

You can also see contact details in Outlook, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Gmail and Office 365.

Once a person is in Nimble, we want to be able to watch on all the activities that are taking place against a person or an account.

The Smart Contacts plugin for Chrome, Safari, and Firefox allows you to take your database with you where you need it. It provides the context you need to connect intelligently and take action from any social site, within Gmail, or any other web application.

We can also set each other tasks and track activity, for example emails. It is great how the system just does this, you don't need to tell it.

Other CRMs I have used it took ages and was a pain to retype the data in or you needed some other system to track what was going on in the sale. This means we can all get customer (account and person) 360 views without the hard work.

Marketing Automation

Nimble allows you to create Mailing lists and send out messages. Note by sending out messages, the system, rather than bulk mailing looks like the emails have been sent fully personalised and one to one.

Mailing lists can be create from different means.

For example you are attending a conference, you can get attendees from details from Twitter lists, you can the import them straight into Nimble, which will allow you to email people ahead of the conference.

Use Quick Filters and Segments to take bulk actions like sending Group Email Messages, creating contact filters, setting Stay in Touch Reminders, or marking contacts as important.

Pulling in Twitter lists is made very easy and helps to automate, for example reaching to people ahead of a conference.

This really is a Social CRM as I'm able to "integrate" the work I do on Social into my everyday activities in Nimble.

Hack: You are attending a conference, find the last 3 years twitter lists that have been created of people who have used the hashtag, you can then email those people directly from within Nimble. You might for example, want to meet them at the next conference. Nimble allows you to pull in all attendees details, you can then email them, straight from Nimble and it looks personalised. You might want to, meet for a meeting.

With Nimble are you Tied to Your Desk?

There is also a nice mobile app so you can access data on the move, I now use this as my everyday calendar rather than the one on my iphone.

Nimble has just released Nimble 4.0

For more information about how Nimble can accelerate your Social Selling program please contact Nimble here

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About the Author

Tim Hughes is co-founder of Digital Leadership Associates a company that provides support and guidance in all areas of Social as well as Social Selling. He has been called "an innovator and pioneer" of Social Selling and in the recent Onalytica list of the most influential Social Sellers globally, Tim was named as number 1.

Tim can be contacted on Twitter @timothy_hughes where he has some 155,000 followers or tim@digitalleadershipassociates.com - You can find him at his blog The Social Selling Network

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