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Nimble recognizes that CRM resellers are the trusted advisors to small and medium-sized businesses and will play the pivotal role of ensuring that they get the best out of Nimble.  Strategic business process consulting, worry-free management of the services, and comprehensive support are a few of the valuable services that resellers are providing around Nimble to grow recurring revenue streams and deepen customer relationships.   Resellers focusing on project-based revenue can manage customer deployments including data migration, provide user training and best practices, tackle systems integration, and develop custom application extensions.

How do you make money with Nimble?

This program is in place to help you take Nimble to your new and existing customers in such a way that you gain valuable product and service revenue to strengthen your business. Meanwhile, your customers get a great experience and get the most out of their Nimble deployment.

- Industry leading commissions
- Commissions paid quarterly
- Renewals paid commissions