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Social Media 101

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Social Media 101

Date: 11/3/2010
Time: 11AM - 12AM PT
Event Type: Webinar
Location: Online
You are invited to an educational webinar to help you understand Social Media and get started using it. This beginner-level webinar is hosted specifically for Nimble's Solution Partners. In this session, you will begin to learn:
  • What is social media and why should you care?
  • Uses of social media in any job function and any field.
  • Who is the social customer?
  • How are social customers different; how their communication with peers evolved and why.
  • What does she want from you, a business?
  • Why social media is good for business, and the risks of not getting involved.
  • Listening to social media - how, where and why?
  • Best practices in engagement.
  • What are the basics in creating a social media policy?
  • Tools and platforms primer (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.)
  • Influence, reach and other measures to pay attention to.
Of course these topics are quite big and will necessitate that we get together again, but we'll start with a solid primer as far as the "WHY" and "HOW" of social media. ** For those who did not participate in this webinar, we will ask you to register your first and last name in addition to your email. Once you’ve hit “Register Now”, your recorded webinar will be available to view.

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