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Nimble Contacts View
Nimble Contacts View
Nimble Product Walkthrough
Nimble Product Walkthrough

Plug in. Tune in. Participate.

Do you start your day feeling like you’re already behind? Feeling that you’re not paying attention to developing relationships with the people who matter most to your business? Picture yourself interacting with prospects and customers at the right time—so your relationship moves ahead instead of languishing.

With Nimble, you can make sure that your contacts keep thinking about you and your company in a positive way—because you can always see what they are doing and saying all over the Web, not just in emails.

With Nimble, you know what your contacts are doing and saying without the hassle of toggling through multiple social media platforms

“Share, connect, and engage. It's not about what you had for lunch, it's about who you are and how you are perceived by prospects and customers. Are you trustworthy? Are you sincere? It's on social channels that these answers become obvious. Don't pay lip service to social—immerse yourself in it. Build a personal brand so that you can make deep and lasting relationships that can turn into opportunities.”

Jon Ferrara, Founder and CEO

The Nimble Difference: Intelligent Social Engagement.

Traditional customer relationship management systems are not as integrated with social media. A system that is built as a social media platform has a huge advantage in managing social relationships.

As your connections through social media increase, it becomes very difficult to stay focused on the connections that really matter.

Monitor and interact with your social stream to keep top-of-mind by engaging in relevant conversations.

Social media can be a real drain on time. By being more organized and efficient with your social media activity, you will save significant time

  • Engage and build relationships directly with contacts on your social stream.
  • Listen to your contacts' social conversations on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn in a consolidated location—your dashboard's Signals Tab.
  • See all social streams at once, or filter them by channel.
  • Easily search for keywords and terms to find people of interest to your business.
  • Before reaching out to engage, quickly get up to speed on real-time news and events important to your contact.
  • Send a New Message, or a Status Update
  • Engage directly with your contacts in Nimble via email or their social profiles you follow.
  • Write relevant and personalized emails—not form letters—quickly and productively without jumping from screen to screen.