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Join us for this exciting webinar!

Social Businesses are Powered by Social Employees
Bring Your Network To Work

December 11, at 10am PST
With Ted Coiné, Jim Claussen and Jon Ferrara

You will learn in this one hour webinar:

Why the Social Revolution's impact on the business world cannot be over-estimated. Like the meteor that precipitated the end of the dinosaurs, Social is the catalyst in an extinction event -- and business as we know it has changed forever.

Ted Coiné

Ted Coiné @tedcoine

Co-Author, "A World Gone Social: How Companies Must Adapt to Survive"

Ted is the Chief Relationship Officer of Meddle.It, the next generation of content marketing for individuals and companies. He is a Forbes Top 10 Social Media Power Influencer and an Inc. Top 100 Leadership and Management Expert. He has identified the demise of Industrial Age management and the birth of the Social Age and with Mark Babbitt wrote the book,
A World Gone Social: How Companies Must Adapt to Survive.

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Jim Claussen

Jim Claussen @JimClaussen

Senior Manager, Social Business Strategy @IBM

Jim is a founder of Executive Social Academy and Digital Engagement Strategy Manager Social Business Category @IBM, focused on driving social business strategy as well as helping leaders and client facing professionals amplify business impact through digital engagement. IBMer. Intrapreneur. Podcaster/Blogger/Coach/Speaker.

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Jon Ferrara

Jon Ferrara @jon_ferrara

Pioneer & creator of #CRM solutions, CEO - Nimble, Founder of GoldMine

Jon is a pioneer & creator of #CRM solutions and noted speaker about Social Media’s effects on Sales and Marketing. His most recent venture is Nimble.com, a leading Social Relationship Manager. He has been recognized on Forbes as one of the Top 10 Social Chief Executive Officers, Top 10 Social Salespeople In The World and among the Top 50 Social Business Twitter Accounts You Must Follow.

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