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Nimble + call2CRM

call2CRM, the app that updates Nimble about a call straight from your mobile.

For busy professionals on the go, keeping track of “who said what to who?” can be difficult. You mean to do it, but you get caught up in the next task.

CRM’s are often not updated in real-time, if at all, meaning key customer contact information isn’t captured.
CRM mobile apps allow you to dial a number from within the app and record that call. But the reality is that we forget to open the app and instead use our phone contacts, redial list or just dial the number directly.

Mobile CRM apps also don’t capture inbound calls, so only half the story is told.

call2CRM features
  • Listening for the end call signal it then displays a prompt asking if you want to add the call to your CRM
  • The app will search Nimble for matching phone numbers to bring up the contact details.
  • If the app doesn’t find a contact in Nimble, it will create a new contact using information from your phone’s address book and create a task to remind you to add more details.
  • Quickly add responses and notes about your call directly to your contact records.
It’s simple, intuitive, and seamlessly integrated with your call workflow. Try it free today.

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