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The Nimble concept of contact management is based on a single view of the past, present, and future of your interactions with your contacts.

Turn Your Contacts Into Gold


Because Seeing is Believing.

Nimble Contacts View
Nimble Contacts View
Nimble Product Walkthrough
Nimble Product Walkthrough

When information about contacts is scattered all over the place, collecting and managing it is time-consuming and bothersome.

Who wants to be constantly bouncing back and forth on sites and browsers to find information? This kind of “'Contact fragmentation” is completely unproductive.

What you want to do is know your contact—get a feel for their personality. Knowing them better and communicating with them in a genuine way builds trust. To that end, it helps to know how you’ve interacted over time, know when you last talked to them, when you’re next meeting them. It helps to be able to see what they’re talking about on their social networks, too, so you can pick the right times to step in and offer relevant, meaningful information or advice.

What is Nimble’s concept of contact management?

It’s a new way to think about managing contacts by putting everything important about your contact into a single view of the past, present, and future of your relationships.

Why does Nimble put such an emphasis on this single view? We believe that contact management is not really about contacts. It's about relationships. Your Contact is so much more than a business card. Nimble gives you a holographic image of each Contact, in real time. What are they doing NOW, what are they talking about? They come to life—from a 2D paper doll to a richly-detailed 3D person.

With Nimble, you’re in control of building relationships naturally and gracefully.

Nimble has the ability to search across all of your data and social platforms to capture and retain more insight about your contacts—all in one place—The Nimble Contact Record.

“People want to connect with real people, and they want to like the people they do business with. It's through an emotional linkage with customers that we gain trust, really engage, and feel good as we succeed. Making the connections among contacts, communications, and activities—including social channels—turns a 2-D image into a fully developed person. With that view, you can begin to deepen the relationship. Social CRM is the glue that will help your business become a true social business.”

Jon Ferrara, Founder and CEO

The Heart of Nimble—The Contact Record

It’s where the magic happens!

At the heart of Nimble is the Contact Record, where EVERYTHING that is important to your relationship is automatically brought to the record.

The Nimble Contact Record is where you gain easy access to the past, present, and future of your relationships. Here you will find:

  • Everything you need to know about the people you do business with
  • Everything that's happened on your journey
  • Everything you need to do to maintain and deepen your relationship

The Contact Record also contains:

  • All the emails sent or received.
  • How you’re connected socially, what they’re saying, and your interactions.
  • All the activities you’re working on or have completed.
  • All the notes you’ve entered.
  • All the deals you’ve done or have in the pipeline.
  • A snapshot of how and why your in touch, and any pending Deals.

At your fingertips, in one screen, is the entire history of your relationship. As with most of the features in Nimble, contact management starts automatically—with less data entry! Records are populated with all the data Nimble can find about each given contact. You can start with as little as a name and an email address.

Nimble goes out hither and yon and collects useful information about your Contact—including their social sites. All your Contact's public activities on their social networks are visible to you. Nimble automatically identifies social profiles on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+ and lets you add the accounts to their Nimble profiles. Knowing what they are saying and doing, who they know and follow—this is intelligence that you can use to develop a complete view of them.

For Techsters

An interesting and potentially important fact for those familiar with CRM and Contact Management Systems:

Nimble starts with the notion of Contacts and not Accounts. Nimble seeks to grab and associate data about that person, including company data, but does not require linking to a specific account, as associations are made between contacts and companies automatically.

The goal of the Contact Record is to bring relevant, contextual knowledge about the contact into immediate view. When you have rich context, you can read-and-react appropriately… reach out and engage in ways that are driven more by your contact and his interests than by just a pro forma need to connect.

The Contact Record

With features that support relationships, making them easy, efficient, and productive.

Send Message Menu.

Choose from the dropdown menu and communicate any way you like: email, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more. Nimble lets you choose your communications strategy quickly to match where it will have the best chance of being seen, read, or acted upon.

Take Action Menu.

There are also a host of productivity tools underneath Take Action menu—all of which tie the Contact to Deals, Activities or meetings you have planned, or serve as a logging device (Note or Activity) for a recently completed call or meeting.

As you add any of these messages or actions, Nimble adds them all into the Interactions history. A key concept here is as you go about the natural activities of building a relationship with a contact, Nimble is archiving your interactions and bringing it all into the Contact Record.

The very desirable outcome of all this is Nimble serving as a 2nd brain… you don’t need to try to remember everything about your interactions, because it’s all saved in one contextually-relevant place that you can access quickly.

Social Stream Tab.

What is your Contact saying on social media? It’s all here—you can spot trigger points and other clues that help you interact in a relevant way. It’s easy to spot opportunities when you have the full picture.
Contact Record
Contact Record

More Features in the Nimble Contact Record

Let’s dive deep.

One screen for all. View contact information and all activities, emails, notes, and social conversations related to that contact right in their profile window.

Last Contacted. With the Last Contacted feature, Nimble insures that you know when you should reach out to your prospects and customers so you can monitor your outreach and strengthen your relationships. Never mismanage a relationship again.

One up-to-date view for all. Richly-detailed Contact Record in Nimble allows all team members to see all engagement channels—what was said, who contacted this customer, date of last contact, etc

Your Contact, everywhere they go online. See not only contact information, but also Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, FourSquare, Google, and IMAP email clients (Gmail, AOL mail, Web-based Outlook).

Social, Calendar, Email. Nimble combines your social networks, Google Mail and Google Calendar into one dashboard (reminding you of what you need to do and who you should be connecting with) so you can focus on listening, engaging, and nurturing the relationships that matter most to your business.

Tags, Saved Search, and Advanced Search. Sort and segment your Contacts every which way, making contact management super efficient.

Tell us who’s important to you. Designate your Contacts as Important or Not Important and keep the most important people, activities, and opportunities top of mind.

Benefits of the Nimble Contact Record

Nimble helps on many fronts.

Lead Generation:
Find and engage targeted leads on social networks.
Marketing Support:
Import leads directly into Nimble and begin nurturing them socially.
Do More in One Place:
You can handle all your tasks right from the Contact Record.
Customer Service:
Show that you value customers by monitoring and responding to their concerns, in real time, across all of your networks.
History Archive:
A history of correspondence on all the channels between you and your contacts is right there in the Contact Record, along with traditional emails.